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I’ve seen this pattern only a handful of times and each example I’ve seen was better than the last. This bowl is no exception and is of the highest quality. I’ve always attributed this pattern to Meriden because of the styling of the motifs – particularly the hobstars. This bowl is unusual in that it has 8 lobes.

This pattern has a central cross of tiny, but perfectly cut hobstars. AS the cross extends to the edge of the bowl, they meet a larger, clear button hobstar surrounded by fans. On the other lobes of the bowl there are even larger clear-button hobstars. Looped around of these hobstars are bands of tiny, detailed hobnail.

This pattern adapts itself particularly well do the blowout shape and the blank is of the highest clarity. It measures 10″ wide and 2″ tall. This is one of the most magnificent unknown patterns of the Brilliant Period.

Extremely Well Done Blowout Bowl – Meriden – SOLD
Extremely Well Done
  •   $  

If there is one item in Brilliant Cut Glass that has held and sored in value, it’s the colored stem. This one in Hawkes’ Brazilian pattern mixes a combination of cranberry and ruby coloring.

The Brazilian pattern consists of diamond shaped blocks with a variety of motifs. Some of these include crosshatching, clear triangles, fan, and large exterior fans. The stem of this wine is notched and fluted and the base features a 24-point rayed star.

The stem measures 4 1/2″ tall and 2 1/2″ wide at the top. There are no chips or flakes to this piece and the color of the glass is particularly vibrant!

Hawkes Brazilian Red to Clear Wine – SOLD
Hawkes Brazilian Red to
  •   $  

This piece is as nice as they come. This enormous bowl was cut by TG Hawkes in the early portion of the Brilliant period. Please pay careful attention to the dimensions below as this piece is quite large.

Clear tusks were one of the hardest techniques for cutters to master and it doesn’t take an expert to see this piece is covered with swirled tusks. These tusks run right up to the very edge of tthe bowl. A beautiful, radiant band of russian runs from the swirled pillars to the central hobstar. The central hobstar is an extremely well-cut, old-style (fan in center) star with 28-points!

The blank on this bowl is exceptional and truly highlights the clear tusks. Every miter is wood-wheel polished, leaving a delicate and radiant finish. The bowl measures 10 1/8″ in diameter, 3 3/4″ tall and weighs a WHOPPING 7 1/2 pounds!!!! I’ve seen far smaller of these fetch more money than my price, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get the largest I’ve seen at a bargain price!

Enormous Hawkes Russian and Swirl Bowl – SOLD
Enormous Hawkes Russian
  •   $  

This is one of my all time favorite patterns. Hawkes old Imperial pattern is made up of their finest work.

Rich large hobstars, small clear button hobstars and panels of crosshatching are intertwined with the deepest triple miter motif. The triple miter portion weaves out of every nook and cranny on the bowl and half the blank must have been cut away to allow for this highly skilled cutting. I have attached a photo showing just the depth of the piece.

The Imperial pattern features wood wheel polishing and they even left the crosshatched patterns unpolished like most of Hawkes’ better, older work. The bowl is 9″ in diameter and 3 3/4″ tall. The blank is beautifully vibrant despite all the busy cutting and very heavy as well.

Incredible Hawkes Imperial Bowl – SOLD
Incredible Hawkes
  •   $  

This is a cute little miniature trumpet vase in J. Hoare’s Pluto pattern. It’s signed clearly on the base.

The Pluto pattern consists of rich hobstars underlined by triangular fields of crosshatching. Zipper, notched, and clear panel come down the length of the vase and are met with a fluted neck. The base of this piece is covered with a 16-point hobstar – clearly a sign of quality on such a small piece.

The vase measures 8″ tall and 3 3/4″ wide. It’s on a clear blank and I do not see any damage whatsoever.

Small J. Hoare Pluto Vase – SOLD
Small J. Hoare Pluto
  •   $  

This is a wonderful, large roseglobe in a Russian variant. I attribute it to Hoare because the base hobstar is identical to many they used on their early work.

The variation in the russian pattern is mainly cased by the use of crosshatching and fans. Typically one or the other is used to fill in the buttons but on this globe, fans fill the buttons and additional fields have been added for crosshatching. The top rim is notched and the base is finished in an old-Hoare-style hobstar.

The globe is practically in perfect condition and measures 5 1/4″ tall and 6″ wide. The blank is very clear and the cutting is wood-wheel polished.

Hoare Russian Variant Roseglobe – SOLD
Hoare Russian Variant
  •   $ 500 

This beautiful Tuthill plate is in their Rosaceae pattern and is signed in the center of the underside. The plate is unusual in that it has a wafer base surrounding the central hobstar (Tuthill used this blank more often than most other companies).

The Rosaceae pattern exemplifies what Tuthill is most well-known for – combining brilliant cutting with realistic engraving. The central 24-point hobstar is surrounded by a wreath of Rosaceae engraving. The edge is finished with the Tuthill chain of hobstars which is also featured on several of their other patterns including Vintage. The edge also has that signature Tuthill coined edge.

The plate is in perfect condition with hardly a scratch. It measures 10″ in diameter and 1 1/8″ tall. The blank is remarkably clear and displays this beautiful combination of cutting and engraving exceptionally.

Tuthill Rosaceae Sandwich Plate – SOLD
Tuthill Rosaceae
  •   $  

This is a beautiful compote with a full sized bowl for the top! This seldom seen form is highly desirable and unique to most compote shapes. Judging by the shape and cutting, I  attribute this piece to Clark.

The pattern on this compote features vesicas of strawberry-diamond, crosshatching and cane. These vesicas divide a panel of spread fan topped with a large 16-point hobstar. The base features a beautiful scalloped hobstar with 24 points. The large stem is fluted and contains a large air-trap bubble.

The compote is in perfect condition and measures 9 1/2″ tall and 8″ wide. It’s on a clear, bright blank which exhibits the pattern in the most brilliant way possible.

Very Deep Compote with Scalloped Base – SOLD
Very Deep Compote with
  •   $  

The Kensington pattern is one of Hawkes’ most intense and skillfully cut patterns. Not even the tiniest of details was spared. This tray is signed directly in the center with the Hawkes trefoil logo.

The center of the Kensington pattern is essentially made up of a large 8-pointed star formation. The center of this formation features a large hobstar and the points of the formation feature two tiny hobstars separated by a triple miter motif. The smaller of the two hobstars is  perfectly executed and smaller than a fingernail.  Falling in between the points of the 8-pointed star are undulating motifs of tiny hobstars and kohinoor fields. The exterior portion of the pattern features eight large deeply cut hobstars.

This tray measures 9 1/8″ long, 7″ wide, and 1 3/4″ tall. It is on the finest of blanks and it sparkles like a gem even in poor lighting. The piece is in perfect condition with only a few tiny fleabites in the very busy pattern. The Kensington pattern is one of Hawkes’ rarest and most well-done patterns and is always executed to the highest of standards.

Rare Hawkes’ Kensington Tray – SOLD
Rare Hawkes’
  •   $  

This is a beautiful salad service in Dorflinger’s Colonial pattern. Both the fork and the spoon are stamped Dorflinger and are silver plated. The silver plate is in perfect condition with hardly any wear.

The Colonial pattern is made up of split diamonds featuring a plain and cross-hatched triangle. Also included in the pattern are diamonds of Strawberry Diamond cutting. Fans finish out the pattern.  The ends of each glass handle are covered in a deeply cut hobstar while the necks are notched and fluted. Each of the glass handles features and extended teardrop in the interior.

Both the knife and spoon are in near mint condition with one tiny  chip to the handle of the spoon.  Each measures 11 3/4″ long, and 1 3/4″ wide.  The glass quality is nothing less than you would expect from the craftsmen at Dorflinger.

Dorflinger Colonial Salad Service – SOLD
Dorflinger Colonial
  •   $  

This is a beaultiful hollow-stem champange in Hawkes’ Marquise pattern. I’ve had similar stemware but they had solid stems. These stems are particularly fun to use as the champagne bubbles actually are clearly visible traveling upward through them.

The Marquise pattern consists of a chain of richly cut hobstars divided by fans. The entire rest of the piece is covered with elegant flute cutting which extend to the base of the stem. The base of the piece is covered with a rayed hobstar.

The champagne measures 5 1/8″ tall and 3 3/4″ wide and is in perfect condition. I can’t seem to find a signature and suspect that the base was at one time touched up because of this. There is still tons of room between the edge and the rayed star so I don’t think anything drastic was ever done. A beautiful, elegant glass for your viewing pleasure!

Hawkes’ Marquise Hollow Stem Champagne – SOLD
Hawkes’ Marquise
  •   $  

What a beauty this is?! This is a very large Roseglobe in the rare and seldom seen Savoy pattern by Dorflinger.

The Savoy pattern is made up of four very deeply and accurately cut 24-point hobstars. The hobstars are divided by beading and a vesica featuring a flat hobstar in the top half and a fan in the lower portion. Crosshatching leads to the bottom of the piece where the most fascinating part of this piece is located. It features 8 TUSKS (one of the most difficult motifs of the period) divided by more beading which meet in the center at four fanned fields.

All of the cutting on this piece is wood wheel polished in only the way that Dorflinger could. This smooth and vibrant craftsmanship really makes the Savoy pattern pop. The blank is very heavy and clear and the cutting quite deep, which can be seen in the overhead photo. The globe measures a very large 7″ in diameter and 5 7/8″ tall. It is in near-mint condition with one or two tiny flakes in the pattern. There is also some very minor scratching on the base where the piece rests on the tusks.

Spectacular Dorflinger Savoy Roseglobe – SOLD
Spectacular Dorflinger
  •   $  
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