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What we have here was essentially the “bell of the ball” at the past two Woody Auction’s. This whiskey decanter brought $2500 (March 2010) and $2400 (September 2009). I’m offering my identical decanter for considerably less money.

The Sultana pattern is one of Dorflinger’s best. Featuring an outer band of 2 different types of 8 pointed stars, this pattern really called on nearly every motif the Dorflinger company used. Aside from the 8-point star band, there are beautiful little “windows” on the next level of the pattern intertwined with notched prism and fans. The base of the decanter is extremely impressive with an all-encompassing flower formation that covers the entire base and melds seemlessly into the rest of the pattern. The handle of the decanter is massively thick, and is adorned with hobnail and notching and even the collar is covered with strawberry-diamond! To say this piece is impressive is about the biggest understatement one could make!

This colossal jug measures 10″ tall, 6″ in diameter, and the handle is 1 1/2″ wide! It’s in perfect condition, with no staining. Do not miss your chance to own this one at this discount price-they don’t come along often.

Extemely Rare Dorflinger Sultana Whiskey – SOLD
Extemely Rare
  •   $  

Featured here is one of the most intensely cut stems I’ve seen. I did have two of these stems but have since sold one. While this pattern is nearly identical to Taylor Brother’s Tayloria pattern, I have only seen this type of base cut on patented Straus pieces. You be the judge!

The pattern consists of a beautiful cluster formation with crosshatched centers. Each cluster is surrounded by a notched prism and two large fields of hexad. The accuracy and depth with which the hexad cutting is achieved is incredible! It wows me every time I handle the stem. The second portion of the pattern features a cane vesica.The neck of the stem has a lapidary knob with air trap. The base is covered in the most unusual (and to this point Straus is the only company that I know that did this) 6-pointed star formation. The outer portion of the stem is covered in notches all the way up to the rim! Again, it’s a most fabulous example!

The stem is in perfect condition and measures 4 3/4″ tall and 2 3/4″ across top.

Intensely Cut Straus Wine Glass – SOLD
Intensely Cut Straus
  •   $  

I have 8 of these Russian stems which are most likely made by Hawkes or Dorflinger. They feature the air-trapped knob stems and rayed star base. Purchase individually or in groups. $65/stem or quantity discounts are available. They measure 5 1/4″ tall and 2 3/4″ across the top.

8 Russian Wine Glasses SOLD
8 Russian Wine Glasses
  •   $  

I absolutely love the form of this piece. This jelly compote is the epitome of elegance. It is signed by Sinclaire and shows what the company was truly capable of.

The pattern on the compote features diamonds of crosshatching and jeweled center hobstars alternating with one another in the center. The entire edge of the piece is fluted and scalloped. The stem is particularly nice in that it has a knob on both the top and the bottom and a very long, dramatic air trapped bubble. The base has a beautiful 20-point hobstar.

The compote is in perfect condition and it measures 8 3/4″ tall and 7 1/4″ wide. As expected of Sinclaire, the blank is extremely clear and free of any waviness.

Extremely Fine Sinclaire Jelly Compote – SOLD
Extremely Fine
  •   $  

Hawkes Grecian pattern is one of the most elegant patterns of the Brilliant Period. Featuring busy Russian cutting contrasted with clear tusks, the pattern displays itself in the most stunning of manners. The base of these finger bowls is covered in a large rayed star. This ones main difference is that it doesn’t feature the crosshatched triangles which are featured on every piece of Grecian.

The finger bowls measure and are in perfect condition.

Price is $200 for both.

2 Finger Bowls in Hawkes Grecian Variant SOLD
2 Finger Bowls in
  •   $  

Talk about desirable – a decanter on this exact same blank sold for $11,500 in the 2001 Woody-Durnford Auction. This decanter features Libbey’s own (signed) variation of the Ellsmere pattern. The decanter features three lapidary-finished neck rings and even has a wafered base. In terms of form, few decanters are better.

This rendition of the Ellsmere pattern features two hobstars, one flat and one with a 3-dimensional center which are separated with fans. Large panels of triple miter cane (a motif rarely used outside of the Libbey glass house) adorn the rest of the decanter. The wafer base is finished in what is essentially a pyramidal star.

The decanter measures 12″ tall and is in practically perfect condition. It has an extremely light, fingernail sized stain in the base of it. I actually believe most people wouldn’t even see it (it’s that light) but I’m mentioning it for accuracy’s sake.

Beautiful Triple Ring Neck Decanter in Libbey’s own Variation of Ellsmere – SOLD
Beautiful Triple Ring
  •   $  

What an incredible set this is! It features a whiskey jug with a pattern cut stopper in Hawkes (signed) Devonshire. Accompanying the decanter are 4 cordial stems in the matching pattern which display and function perfectly with the set.

The Devonshire pattern is made up of beautiful diamond shaped portions of strawberry-diamond cutting. This cutting is divided by extended points of crosshatching and clear panels. The stopper, which is cut-in-pattern is so detailed that the entire top of it is covered in a hobstar. The stems are also gorgeous in that they include a tear drop and lapidary-knobbed stem.

The decanter set is free of any flaws and the decanter measures 8 3/4″ tall and 5″ wide. The stems measure 4 1/2″ tall and 2″ wide. It is very difficult to find whisky jugs with matching, appropriately sized stemware. Don’t miss this rare opportunity.

Rare Hawkes Devonshire Whiskey Set – SOLD
Rare Hawkes Devonshire
  •   $ 1,150 

Featured is a very large roseglobe in Clark’s Desdemona pattern.

Covered in beautiful, deeply cut split-vesicas of crosshatching surrounded by rainbows of cane, this pattern is undeniably fit for a roseglobe. Huge 24-point hobstars cover the perimeter of the piece as well.

I love the polished (and unpolished) portions of this pattern. The center of the 8 point hobstars are filled in with fans and the buttons on the cane are also filled with fans. The pattern is very similar to Hawkes’ Chrysanthemum and has the same type of craftsmanship.

The roseglobe has a few scratches on the interior but nothing to detract from the beauty and clarity of the piece. The blank is quite heavy and measures

Large Clark Desdemona Roseglobe  SOLD
Large Clark Desdemona
  •   $  

This is an immaculate vase in J. Hoare’s Acme pattern. The piece is unsigned as far as I can tell.

This rendition of the Acme pattern consists of a chain of 3 graduating hobstars with adjacent fields of crosshatching. The hobstar chains are divided by notched prism sandwiching additional fields of crosshatching which are divided by deeply cut miters. The neck of the vase is fluted and notched. The base is scalloped and features a 24-point hobstar.

The vase is in mint condition with hardly a scratch on it. It measures 14″ tall and the glass is of perfect clarity.

Tall Acme Pattern Trumpet Vase by J. Hoare SOLD
Tall Acme Pattern
  •   $  

I’ve never seen another vase like this one. It has a full, pattern cut base. Normally you will see bases of a vase cut with a rayed star, or even a hobstar, but never the actual pattern. It’s truly a touch of class that is unparalleled.

I have no idea who made this vase, but if I had to attribute it to one company, it would be Hoare. The pattern of this vase consists of large hobstars surrounded by cane and crosshatching. The remainder of the vase is covered in long bands of undecorated and fine cane. These bands alternate with chains of punties. The punties really show up well with fine glass, such as the example for sale. You can look through a punty and see clear through the entire vase. The base is really unique in that the bands of cane are continued on it and intersect in the center to form a hobstar.

The vase is in perfect condition and measures 14″ tall, 5″diameter at the top and 6″ at the base. You will be hard-pressed to find many vases nicer than this one. The pattern cut base and fine quality workmanship really set it apart from the pack.

Large, Rare Vase with Pattern Cut Base – SOLD
Large, Rare Vase with
  •   $  

Offered for sale is a beautiful and elegant cut glass champagne pitcher. This pitcher is in a design similar to that of Bergen’s Premier but it is not the same. It’s actually in Burley and Tyrrell’s Newport pattern.

The pitcher is covered with numerous hobstars. Surrounding these hobstars is fine split vesica of crosshatching. This motif is used in Hoare’s Moncarch pattern and Bergen’s Premier design. The long, graceful handle is covered in St. Louis Diamond (triple notched) and perfectly annealed. The base is covered in a large, 24-point hobstar.

This tankard, or champagne pitcher is very tall and measures 13 ¼” tall and 5″ diameter at the base. The blank is crystal clear and the cutting is quite prismatic, as shown in the closeup picture. The pitcher is in perfection condition.

Burley and Tyrrell Champagne Pitcher – SOLD
Burley and Tyrrell
  •   $  

This is a pitcher in Hawkes’ Cambridge pattern. The exact piece is show in in Spillman’s American Cut Glass Industry: T.G. Hawkes and his Competitors on page 203. This piece is signed with the Hawkes trefoil directly under the handle. The pitcher has an unusual shape in that it tapers outward towards the bottom and flares at the top.

The Cambridge pattern is extremely similar to Hawkes Brazilian pattern. In fact, it’s almost a combination between Brazilian and Gladys. Large 8-pointed stars with jeweled centers are surrounded by a plethora of other unique motifs. Split diamond fields featuring crosshatching and fan adorn the top of the pitcher. Large, long fans divide all of the hobstars and extend all the way to the base of the pitcher. The base of the pitcher is covered in a 24-point rayed star. The spout is fluted and notched.

The pitcher is in perfect condition and the glass is of the quality that you’d expect of Hawkes. It measures 10 ½” tall and 3 12″ across the top. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a great pitcher at a very friendly price!

Beautiful Pitcher by Hawkes – SOLD
Beautiful Pitcher by
  •   $  
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