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I absolutely adore this form. It’s an enormous centerpiece in what looks to be like the style of J. Hoare. The vase is so large that it weighs over 13 lbs and the stem (at the thickest point) is nearly 2″ thick.

The pattern on the centerpiece is a beautiful combination of many motifs of the brilliant period. Large 16-point hobstar are surrounded by an unusual cross motif. The cross formation is made up of two intersecting bands cojoined by a diamond of fan cutting. In between the angle formed by the cross is detailed corsshatching and a large fan in the uppermost quadrant. The rim of the piece is covered in step cutting and notching/fluting. The entire thick stem of the piece is fluted and notched as well. Please note the bottom of the piece which has the most beautiful 24-point hobstar base. The points of the hobstar are filled with crosshatching and have a fan separating each point-a technique often employed by the cutters at J. Hoare.

Please read the dimensions carefully to understand the magnitude of the centerpiece – 13″ tall, 9 1/2″ wide, and 6 1/2″ across the base. Again, the vase weighs over 13 lbs!!! It’s in near mint condition with one triangular shaped scratch on the exterior and a few tiny flakes on the base hobstar. Don’t miss your chance at an extremely rare and large form.

The last photo features a stem merely for size comparison. It’s not included in the sale.

Massive Centerpiece/Tazza (Hoare?) – SOLD
  •   $  

You will never see another one like this. This is the ultimate in hanging vases! I have no idea what company made this, but it’s an absolute masterpiece. What’s even more amazing is that it actually has its hanging metal chain which fits around all 3 perfectly annealed handles!

I can’t say enough about this vase-every time I look at it I get excited because I know it’s the best of its kind. The vase is covered in an unusual motif of large hobstars graduating in size as one’s eyes move up the piece. Under the handles there is a beautiful vesica of cane and smaller hobstars. The handles are covered in triple notching in a manner that is similar to some Straus pieces. The base has a step cutting and an unusual lapidary finish and the neck is also finished in stair cutting.

This piece is absolutely massive and weighs lbs. It measures 10 1/2″ long and 6 1/2″ wide and the blank is water white, without stains. It’s in near mint condition with just a slight bit of roughness on the pointed base and a couple of fleabites in the handles. All of this is negligible but mentioned merely for accuracy’s sake. This is truly one of the best pieces in ABP glass and very few, if any collections have an example this fine.

Rarest Cut Glass Hanging Vase!!!! – SOLD
Rarest Cut Glass
  •   $  

This is a stunning vase in Bergen’s Continental pattern. This is one of their older patterns similar to Dorflinger’s Marlboro or Libbey’s Florence but much better. The whole piece is covered in the most radiant wood-wheel polished cutting.

The Continental pattern is set up in repeating rows of 8 pointed stars with jeweled centers. The next row is pointed crosshatching and clear 5-pointed star formation. The neck of the piece is fluted and notched and the rim is covered with fans.

The base of the vase is covered with a beautiful 16-point hobstar and serrated teeth. This beautiful specimen measures 11 7/8″ tall and 5 1/4″ tall. Perfect, untouched condition!

Bergen Continental Vase – SOLD
Bergen Continental Vase
  •   $  

This is one of the most tastefully designed patterns Libbey ever made. Everything just fits and a wide variety of motifs come together in perfect harmony. The bowl is signed on the inside edge like many pieces were in this period of Libbey’s production

The Diana pattern has a central hobstar surrounded by 4-jeweled center hobstars. This bowl is so well engineered that it actually rests on the jeweled centers of these 4 stars so as to avoid any damage by placing it on hard surface. There is a very unusual feathering motif featuring two hobstars on either side of the “feather.” There are beautifully cut ovoid hobstars and even the edge has a feathered motif!

The bowl is in perfect condition and the blank is what one should expect of one of the biggest companies in the height of their production. It measures 9″ wide and 2 1/4″ tall.

Lovely Libbey Diana Low Bowl – SOLD
Lovely Libbey Diana Low
  •   $  

This is one of the best pieces I’ve ever had the chance to offer. I have seen this pattern referenced as Dorflinger multiple times but cannot find a single reference now. I have never seen a jar with a glass lid with a silver handle/topper.

The pattern consists of two geometric chains made up of jeweled-center hobstars and four cornered formations featuring cane. In between the two chains is beautiful rock-crystal style engraving which wraps around the entire piece. Step cutting runs all the way up until it’s met with the most gorgeous silver collar. The collar is covered in the most spectacular flowers and even has a spot open left for a monogram. The step cutting continues onto the lid which is met with a ball style handle. The handle is decorated in the exact same flowers as the collar and just sets off the entire piece. The base of the jar has a 24-split point hobstar, which Dorflinger saved for some of their finest pieces.

This piece is massive – in fact, much bigger than many humidors I’ve seen. It measures 9 3/4″ tall and 6″ in diameter. The glass interior lip has a few tiny chips on it from when someone set in the lid, but other than that, the jar is in pristine condition. The blank is beautifully clear and compliments all the difficult work that went into making a piece like this. This is a piece fit for the most advanced of collections. True “museum quality.”

Spectacular Dorflinger Silver Lidded Jar – SOLD
Spectacular Dorflinger
  •   $  

This is one incredible cologne bottle. It’s in a rendition of Russian and Swirl which is very similar to Hawkes patent. However the star on the base is reminiscent of J. Hoare’s work and the exact piece is pictured on page 127 of the teal covered J. Hoare catalog reprint.

Panels of Russian literally swirl with two suspended tusks around the entire cologne. The tusks are so clear and vibrant, they look like flowing water. They are separated by one strand of notching. The base of the cologne has the old-style 12-pointed star. The silver stopper is also terrific and I believe marked Gorham.

The cologne measures 6 3/4″ tall and 4 1/4″ wide. The blank is phenomenal and free of any damage. Don’t miss this opportunity to own this unique and highly coveted piece.

Highly Desirable Cologne by Hoare – SOLD
Highly Desirable
  •   $  

What we have here is a handled vase with silver mounts on the base and top. I personally think this piece looks like a trophy, but without any presentation engraving, we may never know. I attribute the piece to Hoare as they often cut silver mounted pieces with this exact type of pattern. The three arrows joined in the center indicates an 1898 make date!

The pattern of the trophy consists of large, clear tusks surrounded by 3 different types of notching and prism. The handles are triple notched and perfectly annealed (a rarity in itself). The silver base is monogrammed with 3 letters – difficult to make out exactly what they are.

The vase measures 9″ tall and is 5 1/4″ at the top. I’ve never seen a trophy-like piece before and may never again. A true rarity!

J. Hoare Trophy Vase – SOLD
J. Hoare Trophy Vase
  •   $  

Tuthill was one of the top engraver’s of the Brilliant Period, but what has become the most desirable form by the New York based company, is the combination of deep intaglio and geometric cutting. This pitcher is a perfect example of the most crucial part of what’s left of the Tuthill legacy.

The Primrose pattern combines Tuthill’s deep realistic work, with brilliant geometric cuts. Primrose flowers literally climb up the side of the pitcher and are divided by panels of hobstars and crosshatching! It’s a striking contrast between the two best parts of the Brilliant Period.

The pitcher is signed and in perfect condition. It measures just under 8 3/4″ tall and is 5 1/2″ across the bottom. This blank is very clear and not at all gray like some other blanks associated with Tuthill’s work.

Tuthill Intaglio Primrose Pitcher – SOLD
Tuthill Intaglio
  •   $  

This is a beautiful pitcher in Dorflinger’s Number 50 pattern. It’s a wonderful old piece with a wonderful wood polish and silver collar/spout (hallmarks pictured).

The No. 50 pattern consists of large hobstars surrounded by fan’s, crosshatching, and long parallel bands of sharp crosshatching. The base of the pitcher has a perfectly cut 20 point hobstar and the handle is triple notched.

The pitcher is in perfect condition and measures 8 5/8″ tall by 5 1/4″ at the base.

Dorflinger No. 50 Silver Rimmed Pitcher – SOLD
Dorflinger No. 50
  •   $  

Wow this is a nice one. Duck-billed decanters are unusual in the first place, but add to it that this one has a pattern cut stopper and you’ve got a highly desirable decanter indeed!

The pattern is one I’ve seen before, but never identified. It features a large hobstar divided by several rows of notched prism, crosshatching and fans. The stopper has the exact same pattern as well and the base of the decanter has a 16-point hobstar. The neck is fluted and notched and the handle is triple notched.

The decanter is in perfect condition and measures 11 1/4″ tall and 4 3/4″ wide. Beautiful blank, cutting and stopper on this one!

Stellar Duck Billed Decanter w/ Pattern Cut Stopper – SOLD
Stellar Duck Billed
  •   $  

Not much to say about this piece that collectors don’t already know. It’s a pattern that make most collector’s mouths water – J. Hoare’s Croesus.

This is a particularly nice cologne in that it has straight sides and is cylindrical. Draping from diamonds of cane are swirling clear tusks-the patterns main draw. The base is covered in a rayed star and the entire piece is wonderfully wood polished. Beautiful, simple and early, this pattern always remains on the top of major collector’s lists.

The cologne measures 7 1/2″ tall and 3 1/2″ wide. It’s in near perfect condition with a tiny, tiny interior stain in the corner of the base. Most people would not notice the stain, but I’m mentioning it for accuracy’s sake.

RARE! J. Hoare Croesus Cologne – SOLD
RARE! J. Hoare Croesus
  •   $  

This is a beautiful jar in Clark’s Mistletoe pattern. It’s shown exactly as pictured on page 23 of the ACGA Clark/Maple City catalog reprint.

The cutting on the jar is particularly nice and I really like the applied lapidary handle. A diamond of interwoven crosshatching surrounds a 16-point hobstar. Other flat stars adorn the piece and the lid is completely cut in pattern! The base is covered in a 24-point hobstar – a true sign of quality!

The jar measures 7 1/8″ tall by 4 3/4″ wide and is free of any damage. There’s hardly a scratch on this piece!

Nice Marmalade Jar in Clark’s Mistletoe Pattern – SOLD
Nice Marmalade Jar in
  •   $  
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