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What a terrific form to display Hawkes’ highly coveted Lorraine pattern. Hawkes clearly thought Lorraine was one of their best patterns as it’s featured on some of their most ellusive blanks and highest quality glass. Typically, this cider pitcher was cut in Brunswick, but the Lorraine pattern really brings about a refreshing and rare pattern to this blank.

The Lorraine pattern consists of 3 brilliantly cut hobstars each descending in size towards the top. In between each diamond shaped hobstar are 3 large bands of notched prism, fanned out for a sweeping effect. The upper hobstars are cut with incredible precision and surrounded with crosshatching. The handle of the pitcher is something to behold – there are 8 pointed hobstars separated by deep X-like miters and surrounded by vertical notching. It’s clearly a nicer handle than most any! The base of the pitcher has a large rayed star.

The pitcher is on an incredible blank and in perfect condition. It measures 6 1/4″ tall and 6 1/4″ wide. An exceptionally well done and rare pattern on a glorious piece of glass!

Incredible Hawkes Lorraine Pitcher – SOLD
Incredible Hawkes
  •   $  

This ice cream tray is one of the highest quality pieces I’ve ever had the chance to offer. It’s in Anderson’s (American Cut Glass Company’s) Samantha pattern and is signed with a star in a circle – indicating a Libbey Blank.

Large 8-pointed hobstar formations cover four large areas on the surface of the tray. These hobstars are made up of a central richly-cut hobstar with the 8 outer points filled with jeweled center hobstars topped with crosshatching. The lowest point of each of these four formations extends and meets in the center of the tray. In between each of these large formations. Are two hobstars, one with a jeweled center, which are connected by a band of crosshatching with a scallop out of the center. The quality o fleabites f this piece is undeniable and rivals much of Libbey’s and Anderson’s best work!

The tray is near mint and has just a few minor. It measures 14″ long and 8″ wide and the blank of the finest water-white clarity.

Extremely Rare Anderson Samantha Ice Cream Tray – SOLD
Extremely Rare Anderson
  •   $  

This compote/tazza is one of my favorite shapes of the brilliant period. It is in their Roman pattern and the exact piece is featured heavily in their advertisements-clearly something  they were proud of.

The Roman pattern features thick bands of cane crisscrossing one another throughout the entire pattern. Small hobstars and diamond-shaped fans connect all of these bands. In between the cane bands are large deep hobstars and flatter ones. The neck of this piece is incredible and nearly 2″ thick of solid glass. The base is also quite thick and features a 32-point scalloped hobstar.

The compote weighs a very heavy 9 lbs and measures 9 1/4″ high, just under 8″ wide at the top, and 6 1/4″ bottom. A spectacular cutting and form is featured here and it’s just an incredible piece to behold!

Massive Kelly & Steinman Tazza – SOLD
Massive Kelly &
  •   $  

This is one of the best stems I’ve ever had the opportunity to offer. It features a solid ruby-red bowl. It is thought that this glass is actually cased with clear and red. The color is so beautiful and in the right light you can see hues of other colors. Truly a rich display!

The piece is cut in the Persian pattern and I’d guess it was made by J. Hoare. The Persian pattern is just like Russian but instead of fans on top of the buttons in the pattern, there are clear button hobstars. There is also an unusual clear channel cut above the pattern. The stem is fluted and notched and the base is finished with a rayed star.

This wine glass measures just over 4 ½” tall and 2 7/8” wide at the top. It is in perfect condition with both the original top and bottom. This is absolutely a scarce item with unusual coloring – stems don’t get much better.

Amazing Ruby Stem – SOLD
Amazing Ruby Stem
  •   $  

This plate is in one of Hawkes’ rarest and certainly most desirable patterns – Klondyke. It is signed in the center. The blank of the tray is similar to that of a pie pan in how it comes up at the ends.

The pattern is simply unbeatable in design. Swirling chains of 3 hobstars whisp around the entire plate. They are divided by fine crosshatching. The precise execution of this is visually impressive. The center is made up of a puntie surrounded by additional crosshatching.

The plate is in perfect condition with just a couple of tiny surface scratches. It measures 10″ in diameter and 1 3/4″ high. I cannot stress enough how beautiful this plate is in person – on of the really perfectly balanced designs of the Brilliant Period.

Gorgeous Hawkes Klondyke Pattern – SOLD
Gorgeous Hawkes
  •   $  

This very large roseglobe is by J. Hoare in an unknown pattern. I have seen a piece in this pattern signed in addition to the fact the pattern is extremely similar to Crosesus.

A chain of diamond shape cane cutting surrounds the top portion of the globe and is divided by triangular forms of crosshatching. Streaming down from the chain are two parrallel bands of notched prism. Each subsequent vertical line is two panels of clear miter and then the pattern repeats itself. The base is covered with a large rayed star.

The blank on this piece is exceptionally bright and the roseglobe is in perfect condition. It measures 6” tall and 7” in diameter. A very large and excellent example by one of the premiere cutters of the Brilliant Period.

Very Large J. Hoare Roseglobe – SOLD
Very Large J. Hoare
  •   $  

This is a stunning whiskey jug in Hawkes’ Brazilian pattern. What really make this piece a standout is the pattern-cut stopper and handle!

The Brazilian pattern is made up of diamond shaped blocks with a variety of motifs. Some of these include crosshatching, clear triangles, fan, and large exterior fans. Beautiful clear-button 8-point hobstars adorn the perimeter with crosshatching between each point. The base is finished in a large rayed star. The most magnificent portions of this piece are the stopper and handle. The stopper is fully cut in pattern and even features a brilliant hobstar on top. The handle is adorned with notching and a large row of 8-pointed hobstars!

The wood wheel polish makes the cutting especially brilliant and prismatic. The decanter measures 9″ tall and 4 3/4″ tall.

Magnificent Whiskey Jug in Hawkes’ Brazilian – Sold
Magnificent Whiskey Jug
  •   $  

There’s not much to say about this pattern that you don’t already know. Greek Key is one of the most desirable and unique patterns of the Brilliant Period for obvious reasons.

The first thing one notices when examining a piece of Alhambra is the unusual dental rim. Often damaged or poorly repaired, this one is in tip-top shape and I’m almost sure is original. Below the castle-like top is a chain of cut and unpolished Greek key. The rest of the Alhambra pattern is composed of chains of hobstars and bands of cane. The cutting on this bowl is considerably precise, tight, and sharp and the glass is beautifully clear.

The bowl measures 8″ wide and 4 1/8″ tall. It’s in near mint condition with no chips or flakes. Your chance to own one of the most popular patterns of the Brilliant Period.

Meriden Greek Key/Alhambra Bowl – SOLD
Meriden Greek
  •   $  

Hawkes’ (signed) wonderfully busy Cairo pattern adorns this square bowl The glass is quite thick and heavy on this one and exceptionally brilliant!

The Cairo pattern consists of 4 central vesicas. Thes vesicas are first made up of one loop of split vertical notching. The next loop in the progression features fan-filled cane topped with a brilliant hobstar. In between each of these four vesicas are even large hobstars which almost seem to shoot from the center.

I can’t find a single fleabite on this bowl and there is hardly a scratch either. It measures just under 9″ wide and 2 3/4″ tall. Again this one is on a beautiful, heavy blank!

Large Bowl in Hawkes Cairo – SOLD
Large Bowl in Hawkes
  •   $  

The pattern and workmanship on this bowl is world class. This is the easily one of the most popular patterns in ABP cut glass and it is certainly apparent why!

The bowl cosnists primarily of hobstars. So what’s so special about this pattern? Well each of the hobstars is cut with laser-like precision and has 40 points! Not to mention, the center hobstar hsa 48-points! Oh I forgot to mention that each hobstar is finished with a lapidary center and all the rest of the pattern is made up of tightly cut hexad. Simply put, this pattern is unbeatable.

It’s very rare to find these pieces without any damage but this bowl is pristine with the exception of a few tiny fleatbites in the central hobstar. This bowl measures 9 1/8″ wide and 3 3/4″ tall. I have nothing left to say on this piece and I’m sure it will leave you speechless as well.

Phenomenal Meriden Rose Diamond Bowl – SOLD
Phenomenal Meriden Rose
  •   $  

This is an incredible piece of glass! This blank was cut solely by Hawkes and is most often seen in their Kings pattern. This piece is in an unknown pattern that was undoubtedly cut by Hawkes as well. It’s quite unusual in that it has a foot and it weighs a WHOPPING 11 pounds!

The pattern on this piece highlights one of Hawkes’ major techniques – combining heavy, busy cutting and clear glass. Think Teutonic, Panel, Lattice and Rossettes, and Grecian. Enormous hobstars cover the top portion of the perimeter. Underneath each hobstar is a triangle of cane with fanned buttons and a panel of notched prism extends to the pedestaled base. The best portion of this pattern consists of enormous clear flutes. Because of the high quality Steuben-like blank you can see straight through these to the other side of the piece. The neck of this piece is finished in St. Louis Diamind and is fluted at the rim. The raised pedestal of the piece contains a large 24-point hobstar.

The blank of this piece is very thick but even clearer than most any flower center I’ve seen. Again, it weighs 11 pounds! The flower center measures 10 1/2″ in diameter and 6″ tall. This is one of the best flower centers I’ve seen and I’ve never seen this pattern before!

Massive Hawkes Flower Center – SOLD
Massive Hawkes Flower
  •   $  

Known pattern, footed cream and sugar sets are a rare commodity – add to that these are in Libbey’s rare Rajah pattern and you’ve got true cut glass rarity. Both the creamer and sugar bowl are signed Libbey  on the handles.

The Rajah pattern was one of William C. Anderson’s finest designs and features a lot of his trademark motifs. The beautiful central hobstar has a six point star formed around it whose points are made of clear-button 5-pointed stars. The main hobstar is wreathed by deep valleys surrounded with feathering. The handles are triple-notched and the bases are scalloped and contain 16-point hobstars.

The piece are in perfect condition with hardly a flake to the cutting. There is one horizontal air bubble in the handle of the sugar bowl, but this is not a heat-check or fracture. The sugar bowl measures 3 1/2″ tall and 6 1/8″ wide. The creamer is 4″ tall and 5″ wide.

RARE Libbey Footed Rajah Cream and Sugar – SOLD
RARE Libbey Footed
  •   $  
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