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This bowl is cut in Hawkes incredible Imperial design. Imperial is their take on triple miter trellis, but Hawkes managed to make it tighter and stick in smaller, tighter hobstars – with great relief and deep cutting resulting in knobs of hobstars. This pattern, on a 10″ bowl, brought $12,500 a few years ago at Woody Auction in June 2011. This bowl, less than 1″ shorter in width, is offered at a great value.

There’s not much more that I can say here than the pictures can’t provide you with. Deeply cut triple miter trellis covers the entire surface of this bowl. The hobstars protrude in large knobs as a result of all the glass the cutter removed with the triple-miters. The cutting is over 1/4″ deep in some places. The effect is both astounding and captivating. Because of all of the brilliant cutting, the piece radiates even when not well lit.

The bowl measures 9 1/4″ wide and 3 1/2″ tall. It’s in perfect condition and is very faintly signed Hawkes. The blank is second to none and despite all the busy cutting, the quality and clarity is apparent.

Extremely Rare Hawkes Imperial Bowl – SOLD
Extremely Rare Hawkes
  •   $  

There are few pieces as small as this one that are cut this nicely. This pattern is similar to some J.D. Bergen work, but I’m unsure who actually made it.

Beaker in shape, the sides of the piece are draped with a shield shaped filed with a deep hobstar. In between each is an arching rainbow of flat hobstars with beams of fans and notching underneath them. The neck is fluted and notched and the bottom is finished with a gorgeous 24-point hobstar.

This great cabinet piece measures 6″ wide and 4″ tall. It’s in immaculate condition with no damage at all.

Adorable Mini Flower Center SOLD
Adorable Mini Flower
  •   $  

This fabulous pitcher is done in Libbey’s impressive Imperial pattern. It features a ton of highly-skilled motifs.

The first field starting from the top features an unusual cluster of cutting topped with mitered clear buttons. Bands of cane intersect throughout the pitcher to frame the rest of the design. One panel has a large, deep hobstar – which is amazingly split around the handle. The final panel features triple miter trellis along with a flat hobstar framed by triple miter cutting. The base is finished with a hobstar and the pattern is cut entirely, in pattern – always a touch of a high quality piece.

The pitcher is quote heavy and measures 12″ tall and 6″ wide. It is in nearly perfect condition with just a few tiny nips at the rim in the fan cutting. This is a bargain price on a piece with tons of work and high quality glass.

Highly-detailed Libbey Imperial pitcher – SOLD
Highly-detailed Libbey
  •   $  

This fabulous punch bowl and ladle are cut in Hawkes’ Kensington. While most ladles of the period are silverplated, this one is is actually Gorham sterling – bringing even more desirability to the set. The bowl is signed with the large Hawkes trefoil in the center.

Kensington, one of Hawkes’ premier patterns displays wonderfully on this piece. Spokes unfold around the perimeter of the bowl housing richly cut hobstars and clear-button hobstars are tapering upward, divided by triple miter cutting.. Sitting between each spoke is a richly cut hobstar flanked on either side with Kohinoor cutting. The rim of the piece is decorated with even deeper, larger cut hobstars. The plug of the bowl is cut with another deep hobstar while the colar of the base features a band of clear button, 8-pointed stars. The ladle of the handle is elegantly curved and somehow features this particularly complex pattern. They even cut an unusual 4-pointed hobstar formation on the tip of it.

The punch bowl is quite large, measuring over 14 3/4″ wide and over 13″ tall. The ladle is 13 1/2″ long. The blank is wonderfully clear and heavy and sets off this particularly brilliant pattern. It’s in perfect condition. Punch bowls this great seldom come along, but a matching ladle is nearly unheard of – especially with silver.

Exceptional Hawkes Kensington Punch Bowl and Ladle – SOLD
Exceptional Hawkes
  •   $  

What a beautiful piece of Stemware this is from Steuben Glass Works. It is done in gorgeous, swirling rock crystal on a highly  stylized shape.

The amount of skill that went into this piece is staggering – starting with the engraving in swirled panels leading up to the application of color only shown at the rim. Then the actual form – there are several points of pulling/attaching on this stem – with a clear air bubble in the stem and two disks right at the center. It’s just a stunning piece.

The stem is quite tall measuring 8 1/3″ tall and 3″ wide at the base and is in perfect, original condition.

Steuben Green to Clear Rock Crystal Wine – SOLD
Steuben Green to Clear
  •   $  

This is a phenomenal bowl in an unknown, high-quality pattern. This design features a wide array of motifs arrange in a particularly aesthetically pleasing manner.

This bowl features alternating, complex panels of cutting. One panel is made up for elaborate persian cutting with almost-wedding-cake hobstars integrated into the design. Amazingly, the Persian cutting tapers all the way in towards the center, getting smaller and smaller. The other panel features notched bars stacked with tiny crosshatching which transition to strawberry-diamond cutting towards the edge.

The bowl is on a beautiful blank and measures 9″ wide and 4 1/2″ tall. It’s in excellent condition with just one tiny flake on the top of a tooth.

Unusual Bowl with Tapering Persian Cutting SOLD
Unusual Bowl with
  •   $  

This is one of my most favorite pieces I’ve offered. It blends gorgeous Brilliant Era rock-crystal mounted with the finest Gorham Silver. I’m unsure how the engraving on this piece was acheived, as it’s embossed rather than concave, but it was likely through an acid cutback technique like cameo glass.

Three dimensional flora adorn the glass of the piece in almost art-nouveau styling. Thesilver picks up where the glass leaves off with a twisting lock-top cap and a removable, monogrammed holder (which double as a cup when removed). Both the top and the base are gold washed. It’s a stunning cut glass small that I adore.

The flask measures 6″ tall, 3 1/4″ long and 1 1/4″ deep. It’s in excellent condition. Sterling mounted glass has become extremely valuable and highly regarded over the last 15 years. It blends two master, American crafts into one art form and collectors are clamoring for fine pieces like this one.

A Most Fabulous Flask with Gorham Silver – SOLD
A Most Fabulous Flask
  •   $  

This is the first time I have ever offered a full salad set – with not only matching bowl and under plate, but also matching forks and spoons. That alone is proof to how rare this set is – most sets are just not this nice and in simpler patterns like Russian or hobnail. I’ve always suspected this pattern was cut by Hoare – but I have never seen it identified. The silver is stamped Meriden so some people have thought this design was by Meriden.

This gorgeous design features many interlocking vesicas which house a variety of cutting. Some feature fans and six-pointed stars while others have crosshatching with three deep notching arranged in fan formation. The edge of each piece is finished with fans while the center is finished with the old-style Hoare hobstar. Both the fork and spoon are cut completely in the pattern with protruding hobstar ends.

The set is in excellent condition with no damage and measures 11″ wide and 4 1/2″ tall. The spoon measures 10 1/2″ long. This is a true rarity in American Cut Glass.

Extremely Rare Hoare? Cut Glass Salad Set – SOLD
Extremely Rare Hoare?
  •   $  

Pairpoint could really achieve some awesome, busy patterns when they went for it – this pitcher, in their Sparkler design exemplifies some of their best work.

The main motif of this pattern is a 24-point hobstar with a triple miter filled center star. The hobstar is framed with clear scalloped cutting and a round deep miter. Herringbone style cutting runs between each large hobstar featuring narrow fan cutting arranged in a chevron formation with yet another star wit hteh triple miter center sitting perched atop. Even the base has continuity with a triple miter center hobstar. The handle is triple notched with a fan at the base. The neck of the piece is fluted and notched with step cutting lying at the narrowest portion.

This gorgeous pitcher is in excellent condition with two tiny flakes. It measures 8 3/4″ tall and 6″ wide. This is an excellent example of Pairpoint glass.

Fabulous Pairpoint Sparkler Pitcher SOLD
Fabulous Pairpoint
  •   $  

This vase is identical to the first piece I ever bought. It is cut and signed by Libbey and featured prominently in the red catalog composite reproduced by the ACGA. I have always loved this bulb-like shape and the blank quality is second to none.

The design fits the form sublimely. A flat hobstar sits at the center point of the top portion with crosshatching, another flat star, and triangular fields of notching pointing downwards. The notching frames two of the clearest punties you’ve ever seen. The bulb portion of the vase features alternating panels of strawberry diamond and cutting while the base is finished with a rayed star.

I can’t stress enough how crystal-clear this vase is. It’s of the finest quality blanks that Libbey put out. It’s in perfect condition and measures 7 3/4″ tall and 3 3/4″ wide.

Strikingly Clear Libbey Bulb Vase – SOLD
Strikingly Clear Libbey
  •   $  

I have never seen this design before, but it is very similar to a lot of pieces cut by Mt. Washington in the early portion of the Brilliant Period.

The center of this bowl features two stacked 10-point hobstars. From each point is a long, two-sided channel leading upt o fan cutting at the edge. In between each channel are alternating panels. One panel houses Russian cutting, while the second has a triple miter, Macdonald style motif. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

The bowl is in excellent condition measuring 9 1/2″ wide and 4″ tall. It’s wood wheel polished and consistent in quality with some of Mt. Washington’s greatest works.

Spectacular, Unusual Mt. Washington? Bowl – SOLD
Spectacular, Unusual
  •   $  

This is probably Hawkes most recognizable and highly coveted designs – Panel. It is a simply stunning, transcendent pattern – that goes beyond the Brilliant Period – and instant classic with art fans across all genres. This piece is signed in the center with the Hawkes trefoil trademark.

The Panel pattern features a central 20-point hobstar. Shooting from each point is a clear protruding bar which leads to a chain of three hobstars – each one separated by a tight, triple miter motif. Each chain is divided by a deep, clear channel which undulates from the rim to the center – getting deeper in the middle of the plate and coming up at the edge and the center. The edge is finished with large scallops and u-notches – another signature style of this iconic pattern.

The plate is in miraculously great condition – with just a tiny bit of pattern roughness. It measures 11″ wide and 1″ tall. Authentic pieces in Panel are becoming more difficult to fine and this one shows of the pattern so well.

Gorgeous Hawkes 11″ Panel Plate SOLD
Gorgeous Hawkes
  •   $ 12,000 
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