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One of my favorite forms of pitchers is this bulbous shape which seems to be getting scarcer every day. This one is cut in an unknown, but very well done pattern. Some of the design elements are similar to Hawkes’ work but I think it is by another company.

This pattern is made up of large 16-point diamond-shaped hobstars. Surrounding the hobstars is strawberry diamond, crosshatching, and fans, which make up a very balance pattern. The cutting continues to the base of the pitcher and meet a beautiful, deep hobstar. The handle of the pitcher is triple notched and the lip and spout are fluted and notched.

The pitcher is near perfect condition with just a few fleabites on the base and in the pattern. It’s on a beautiful, heavy blank and measures 8 1/2″ tall and 6″wide. I’m passing along the savings on this one with an incredible price!

Beautiful, Heavy Cut Glass Pitcher – SOLD
Beautiful, Heavy Cut
  •   $  

This is a beautiful pitcher in Hawkes’ Venetian pattern. This older pattern displays Hawkes’ finest early work. The cutting is wood wheel polished for that almost silky feel and the tall, deep vesicas are even left unpolished for a striking contrast in technique. A pitcher identical to this one sold for $1300 at the last Woody Auction and can be seen at

I love the extension of the Venetian pattern down the entire length of this pitcher. The top of the pitcher begins with fans and a chain of 8-point hobstars. Flowing across the rest of the pitcher are huge split-vesicas of unpolished crosshatching. These vesicas are extremely deep and this is exemplified when examining the pitcher from the bottom (see photo). The base of the piece is covered in an undulating rayed star and the handle is triple notched.

The piece is in perfect condition with only the lightest scratching on the base. It’s quite heavy and measures 11 3/4″ tall and 4″ across the base. Again, one of these just sold for $1300 and I’m offering this for considerably less. An elegant piece of the early Brilliant Period.

Elegant Hawkes Venetian Champagne Pitcher – SOLD
Elegant Hawkes Venetian
  •   $  

This is a very large bowl signed by Hawkes Gravic in what appears to be an unusual swirling sunflower pattern. The bowl is on a very heavy and thick blank. The polished, rock crystal-like engraving on this bowl is of mirror-like perfection.

The design on this bowl contains 4 huge sunflower blossoms – a motif I’ve never seen on another piece of gravic. These blossoms alternate with undeveloped flowers. All of these are attached to swirling stems with very large leaves.

This bowl is in flawless condition and measures a full 10″ wide and 2 3/4″ wide. The blank is very heavy and extremely clear. I’m offering this piece at a bargain price – you won’t find another piece of Hawkes Gravic of this quality for this cheap!

Very Unusual Hawkes Gravic Bowl – SOLD
Very Unusual Hawkes
  •   $  

This is a pitcher in the seldom seen and highly coveted Teutonic pattern by Hawkes (signed). The visual elegance of the Teutonic pattern is truly unrivaled and displays perfectly on this pitcher.

Chains of 8 flat hobstars intertwined with fans are draped down the sides of the pitcher and topped with one deeper more elaborate hobstar. In between each chain of stars is a long, clear flute which provides the most striking visual gradient. The beautiful handle is triple notched and a deeply cut 24-point hobstar covers the base. No detail was overlooked on this piece and even an elaborate hobstar is featured above the handle!

This piece is in the best condition I’ve witnessed. I was shocked when I received it as there is hardly a scratch on the entire thing and no repairs or damage to the rim! The tall pitcher measures 11 1/4″ tall and 5″ wide at the base. The top-quality and heavy blank only adds to the refined elegance displayed on this Champagne Pitcher.

Most Incredible Hawkes Teutonic Champagne Pitcher – SOLD
Most Incredible Hawkes
  •   $  

This piece was most likely designed by William C. Anderson for the Libbey Glass Company. Both the stopper and the decanter are signed Libbey but the cutting is strikingly similar to other patterns that Anderson designed.

Some of the Anderson design characteristics featured on this decanter are a chain of clear button hobstars, triple miter cane, flat hobstars and the checking around the  hobstars and the rest of the pattern. The pattern is actually very similar to the Celeste pattern attributed by the Anderson Study Group. The base is covered with a rayed star.

Frankly, there aren’t many whisky’s with this much intense cutting and the depth on the triple miter cane is astounding! The decanter measures 13 3/4″ tall and 3 1/2″ across the base. It is in perfect condition and free of any stain and deep scratching.

Best Quality Libbey/Anderson Whiskey – SOLD
Best Quality
  •   $  

This decanter, in Libbey’s Somerset pattern, is on one of the most spectacular shapes of the Brilliant Period. Both the stopper and decanter are signed Libbey and the exact piece is pictured in the Libbey composite catalog reproduced by the ACGA. A picture from this catalog is included as the last picture on this page.

This “genie bottle” shaped decanter is about as elegant as they come. The Somerset pattern displays beautifully across the lower portion of the vessel. A large hobstar is surrounded by intersecting bars of notching. In a larger field there is an unusual advanced nailhead cutting which takes up another quadrant of the pattern. In the center of the decanter, where is blows out again, there is crosshatching framed with more notching. The base of the decanter is covered in a large fanned star and the neck is fluted and notched. The stopper actually mimics the shape of the decanter and has an air bubble running through the length of it. There is a 6 pointed star formation on the top of it as well.

This unusual decanter measures 13 1/2″ tall and 6 1/4″ tall. It’s in perfect condition and free of any stains. Aside from the catalog, I’ve never seen another one of these so it’s a fair assumption that this piece is a true rarity!

Stunning Libbey Somerset Decanter – SOLD
Stunning Libbey
  •   $  

It is extremely unusual to find a full set in a pattern this rare and desirable. Sometimes the quality of the Aberdeen pattern can fluctuate, but this is absolutely the top quality in all of cut glass. I found this set almost 8 years ago and it has been in my personal collection for all of that time. Every collector that sees it marvels, especially at all the work that went into the tumblers.

The Aberdeen pattern consists of rows of clear button hobstars with crosshatching in between each. A layer of notching surrounds the band of hobstars. Alternating with the hobstars are rows of clear scalloped cutting which provide the most striking optical backdrop to the entire pattern. The base of the pitcher is covered with a 32-point hobstar! The perfectly annealed handle is triple notched. Please not the tumblers-these are some of the most impressive I’ve seen complete with 16-point hobstar bases.

This set is in perfect condition and on the best quality blank imaginable. The pattern couldn’t be shown off in a more exemplary manner. The pitcher measures 8 1/4″ tall and 6 1/4″ wide at the base. The tumblers measure 3 3/4″ tall and 3″ wide at the top. I won’t keep stressing how rare of a find this set is, but it’s highly unlikely any of us will ever see another like it.

RAREST Aberdeen by Jewel Cut Glass Water Set – SOLD
RAREST Aberdeen by
  •   $  

Wow! Just feast on the pictures of this piece. You’re viewing an extremely beautiful and unusual vase by J. Hoare. The vase is in the identical pattern of a decanter shown in the ACGA catalog reprint – I’ve attached a photo of that decanter below. While this pattern has often been referred to as the Newport pattern, I think it’s a slight variation and much better quality than most Newport I’ve seen.

What’s not to like about this vase – aside from being a beautiful and heavy bowling pin shape, it has two handles which perfectly attach to the piece at 90 degree angles. The pattern on the vase consists of one large hobstar with a much smaller, flatter one above and below it. Notched prism separates two large bands of cane. The handles are cut in pattern with both crosshatching and fan on them! The neck of the vase features a very unusual flute cutting split by deep panel cuts. A split crosshatching motif adorns the rim of the piece and the base is covered with a 30-point hobstar.

There are handled vases and then there is this one! It’s unmatched and unparalleled in form and cutting. The vase is quite heavy and measures 12 3/4″ high and is 8 1/2″ wide at the handles. It’s in perfect condition with no damage that I can find. Just take one more look at the photos and think when the last time you saw anything like this vase?

Incredible J. Hoare Handled Vase – SOLD
Incredible J. Hoare
  •   $  

This is one of the most exciting punchbowls I’ve ever had the opportunity to offer. It is in the rare and highly desirable Diana pattern by Libbey (signed). The quality in both cutting, polish and glass clarity is unsurpassed.

The Diana pattern has a central 20-point hobstar on the plug surrounded by 4 jeweled-center hobstars.  There is a very unusual feathering motif featuring two hobstars on either side of the “feather.” The hobstars on this piece are far superior than most and have insanely complex interiors – check the photos as my words could never do them justice.

This is one of the best Libbey punchbowls out there and is being offered for a more than reasonable price – in 1999 an ice cream tray in this exact pattern brought $12,500 at auction! The punchbowl measures a staggering 14″ in diameter and 12 1/4″ tall. It is in excellent condition with just a couple of fleabites in the cutting and on the rim (extremely small). Again, this punchbowl is one of the best and it refracts light like no other!

Elegant Libbey Diana Punchbowl – SOLD
Elegant Libbey Diana
  •   $  

I’m really unsure as to who made this incredibly massive vase, but the cutter and glass blower were highly skilled. The vase weighs a very heavy 8 lbs and 10 oz.

The main portion of this vase is very similar to some Dorflinger patterns, especially Angora. A central hobstar is surrounded by 5 fields of crosshatching. 4 conjoined vesicas contain a very unusual feathering motif. The feathers are merely divided with a field of hobnail and fan. The neck of the vase is really the pièce de résistance. It features very clear flute cutting interspersed with notching and diamond point hatching. The diamond point cutting, which takes up a majority of the neck, is extremely sharp. This cutting runs all the way into the top with a beautiful spiked rim. The base is finished with a very unusual 8-point hobstar configuration.

The bowling pin vase is in perfect condition with one minor chip to a miter on the hobstar base. It’s clearly visible in the last picture and is minimal to the overall perfect condition of the piece. The vase measures 11 5/8″ tall and 7″ wide and weighs almost 9 pounds!

Striking Heavy Bowling Pin Vase – SOLD
Striking Heavy Bowling
  •   $  

There’s not much to say about this vase that collectors don’t already know. It’s case glass cut green-to-clear and is in Dorflinger’s beautiful and elegant Montrose pattern. Color glass makes up an extremely small percentage of actual American Brilliant pieces, and most pieces that are assumed to be American turn out to be European in origin. This is one piece you can be sure of the maker and origin and it will always continue to climb in value because it’s just so hard to find pieces like this. Additionally, most colored glass is found in stemware, not large pieces like this. This really is the rarest of the rare.

The Montrose pattern consists of a chain of large punties which extend down the front of the piece. The glass is so clear and the color so striking that you can see straight through the entire piece within each puntie. Rich cane runs in between each panel of puntie and expands in size with the shape of the vase – larger hobnail at the most boulbous parts. The base, which retains all of its rich-green color, has a 16-point Dorflinger-style hobstar.

The vase measures 12″ high and 6″ wide and is in perfect condition. Really there’s hardly a fleabite on this piece! The glass is so clear and so vibrantly green it will make other pieces green with envy!

Incredible Dorflinger Green to Clear Montrose Vase – SOLD
Incredible Dorflinger
  •   $  

This piece is just cut all over. The amount of motifs are countless and the pattern is nearly indescribable. I don’t often see vases this shape anymore, especially in this size. This exact piece is pictured int he Unger Brothers’ Catalog with the pattern name Claremont.

Large hobstars adorn the top portion of the vase along with fans and crosshatching. Under that portion of the pattern is my absolute favorite part of the pattern-4 fields of fan surrounding a perfectly square hobstar. I can’t think of an example off the top of my head where I’ve ever seen a square hobstar! Under that, well, the pictures will just have to speak for themselves. The pattern is so busy and there are a couple more motifs that I haven’t seen either. The neck of the vase features a perfectly radiant combination of stair cutting and St. Louis Diamond. The base is covered in a 24-point rayed star.

This vase measures in at a very large 17 1/2″ tall and 6 1/2″ wide. The blank is of the utmost water-white quality and there is no damage. The base has a very light stain on the very bottom, but is completely unnoticeable except with extreme scrutiny.

Huge High Shouldered Unger Bros Vase – SOLD
Huge High Shouldered
  •   $  
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