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This is most likely the rarest pattern Pitkin & Brooks ever produced and is therefore appropriately named – Elite. It is pictured on one catalog page out of a reprint. The Elite pattern is an incredible example combining the deep circle cutting of the Gloria design with the busy intricacies and motifs of the Duchess pattern.

Within each circle are spokes – they are either made up of a vesica with a hobstar and crosshatching on either side, or a diamond field of cane and crosshatching. Each spoke is divided on both sides by notching and fans. The center cluster of the bowl is a nice use of both hobstars and crosshatching. A vesica of Russian conjoins three corners and is flanked on both sides by notching, hobstars, crosshatching and cane. The edge of the bowl is particularly intricate with two horizontal clear tusks below a fane of Russian, cane and fans. The design is extremely complicated and well thought out.

This piece is in excellent condition with no damage. It measures 9″ wide and 2″ tall. This is a rarity from one of the most underrated cutters – P&B.

  •   $ 600 

This is a seldom seen design by Hawkes – Star. I’ve probably only seen two examples ever. It’s signed with the Hawkes trademark in the center.

The appropriately named Star design features one large hobstar stretching across the entire plate. Most notable are the points which are cut in Hawkes’ own Kohinoor motif. There is a distinguished clear bordered edge as well.

Seven inch plate sare highly collectible because they show off the design very well without taking up a considerable amount of room. This is a rare one and is in perfect condition, measuring slightly over 7″ wide and 1″ tall.

Rare Hawkes Star 7″ Plate SOLD
Rare Hawkes Star
  •   $  

This bowl is cut in Libbey’s ever popular Senora design. It’s unusual in that the handles run parallel with the ground as opposed to the much more common perpendicular arrangement.

Four vesicas from the center of the bowl house alternating horizontal panels of crosshatching and parallel line cutting. The vesica is finished out with hobnail at the top. In between each vesica is divided by a deep hobstar and fan. The handles are triple notched and perfectly annealed.

The bowl is in perfect condition and measures 12 1/2″ long including handles, 9″ wide without, and 4″ tall.

Unusual Libbey Senora Handled Bowl SOLD
Unusual Libbey Senora
  •   $  

This tray embodies what great engraving is all about – realistic subject matter coming to life with deep, intaglio engraving. This piece was done by Hawkes Gravic, but is unsigned as far as I can tell – I’d assume rubbed off over it’s 120 year life.

This museum-quality piece speaks for itself – Gravic styled vines extend their way around the perimeter of the tray – the branches are deeply engraved and polished out while the leaves are set like fronds in fan-formation. This all frames the center which features 2 large pairs and 2 gourd like forms – perhaps a pumpkin or muskmelon. The handles are fully engraved with additional leaves and flowers.

The piece is truly museum quality – Hawkes was really showing off with this one. It measures 14 1/4″ long, 7 1/2″ wide and 2 1/2″ tall. The blank is extra thick and the engraving quite deep as a result. It has a few tiny flecks around the rim, but is in excellent condition.

Top Tier Quality Hawkes Handled Gravic Tray – SOLD
Top Tier Quality Hawkes
  •   $  

This is a very well-cut bowl featuring a wide variety of motifs and depth of cutting. While the maker remains unknown, there are some similarities between the setup of this pattern and some William C. Anderson designs – namely Fan Border.

Seven deep hobstars cover the interior of this bowl while bands of can and crosshatching come off of them towards teh edge of the bowl. These bands frame deep, 5-sided hobstars and large panels of tiny, detailed Russian cutting. The edge features an unusual “feather” of notched, split vesicas and cane cutting interspersed with fan cutting.

The blank on this bowl is very thick and heavy while remaining perfectly clear. It measures 9 1/4″ wide and 3 1/2″ tall” tall

Gorgeous Thick Bowl with Feather and Russian Details – SOLD
Gorgeous Thick Bowl
  •   $  

This dish was cut by Empire in their always popular Seneca design. Seneca is one of the most brilliant patterns of the period – with tons of sparkle and cutting.

Clusters of cutting surround hobstars that run along the edge of the piece. Amazingly, each line in the skeleton of the pattern continues across the whole piece, providing the framework for all the fields of cutting. Filling in these fields is hobnail, crosshatching, uncut panels and deep hobstars. The handles are perfectly annealed and are triple notched.

The piece is in perfect condition and measures approximately 8″ across, excluding handles.

Brilliant Empire Seneca Handled Dish – SOLD
Brilliant Empire Seneca
  •   $  

This adorable cologne was cut and signed by Egginton – it’s signed every-so-faintly on the edge of the rim. I have only ever seen this signature placement once before on another Egginton piece.

Swirling vesicas featuring bands of Russian cutting connect at flat, pointed hobstars. These bands frame swirling, curved tusks – something that must have been close to impossible to cut. The base of the piece is finished with a 20-point hobstar with split points – another motif used by Egginton.

This piece has been in my personal collection for several years but it’s time to pass it along for someone else to enjoy as much as I have. I don’t think I’ve seen many cologne bottles of this quality, if ever. It measures 6 1/4″ high and 3″ wide.

Precious Egginton Swirled Tusk and Russian Cologne Bottle – SOLD
Precious Egginton
  •   $  

This is an unusually large stick dish cut by Sinclaire in their Bengal design. I have never seen any pieces like this remotely this large.

A chain of deeply cut hobstars goes around the edge of this dish – separated by fans pointing outward towards the edge. Working in towards the interior, there are deep, clear punties framed on the lower side with cross-cut miters. The seamless stick portion of this piece ends with a large, round ball with a rayed star on top.

This stick dish is in perfect condition and measures 10 1/4″ wide and 8″ tall. It’s on a particularly thick, clear blank.

Gigantic Sinclaire Bengal Stick Dish SOLD
Gigantic Sinclaire
  •   $  

This bowl was cut in one of Tuthill’s most desirable, premier designs – Rex Russian. It combines a wide variety of geometric motifs in a criss-crossed pattern with a similar structure to Russian designs. It’s signed with the Tuthill script trademark.

Stacked, clear-button 8-pointed stars sit towards the outer rim of this piece and come to points which are mimiced in teh rim with a strong spike. Fans also sit in a large field at the bowl’s edge and the criss-cross cutting eventually elads to fields of crosshatching and fanned hexagons. The center of the bowl features a stylized, flashed hobstars with crosshatched points.

The bowl is in perfect condition and measures 9″ wide and 4″ tall. This is on a crystal clear blank and a wonderful design.

Rare Tuthill Rex Russian Bowl – SOLD
Rare Tuthill Rex
  •   $  

This is a particularly unusual ice bucket and underplate – they were cut on a Libbey blank which is evidenced by a star-in-circle signature acid etched into the set.

8 deeply cut hobstars are at the edge of the design .These are divided on both sids by two types of notched cutting – one with circular notches and one with circular notches. Both the base of the bowl and the under plate are covered with a rayed star.

The condition of the set is perfect and both pieces are on clear blanks.

Unusual Ice Bucket and Under Plate Libbey Blank – SOLD
Unusual Ice Bucket and
  •   $  

This three-sided bowl was cut in the Florence design by Libbey glass. This is one of the great, old patterns when Libbey’s quality was extremely high, particularly in clarity/thickness of glass. These pieces are under-appreciated and a great buy.

The Florence design dispalys beautifully on the piece. A large, flashed hobstar sits in the center with crosshatched points and fans between the points. The rest of the design features clear button hobstars, pointed fields of crosshatching and an upside down 5-pointed star that you’ll see in several William C. Anderson designs.

The triangular bowl is very thick, heavy, and clear. It measures 10″ from corner to side and 3 3/4″ tall. It’s in perfect condition.

Incredible, Old Libbey Florence Foldover Bowl – SOLD
Incredible, Old Libbey
  •   $  

This vase was likely cut by J. Hoare – it uses a variety of motifs they were  known for and the hobstar base, in addition to these screams J. Hoare to me. The top is mounted with beautiful Gorham sterling.

Thick, deep tusks swirl around this piece and are interspersed with tight, diamond cutting. They frame large, clear tusk bulges which are cut in the glass, not blown (unusual for this style). The base of the vase. undulates with the design and is covered in a 24″ point hobstar.

The glass is in great condition with just some minor scratches on the base. The silver is also in good condition but does show a slight sign of a crease that was properly corrected – it’s not distorted anywhere. The vase measures 11 1/2″ tall and 6″ across the top.

Gorgeous Gorham Sterling and Hoare Vase SOLD
Gorgeous Gorham
  •   $  
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