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This is an extremely thick bowl engraved in an unusual design of what I think are Sunflowers. The piece is signed Hawkes Gravic and features polished engraving – which is usually a sign of some of the better Gravic work.

The engraving on this bowl is very deep – carved out giant blooms intertwined with buds. The center of the bowl has a swirl of stems and large deep leaves.

The bowl is in perfect condition and measures 9″ wide and 2″ tall. It’s on a gorgeous, thick blank.

Extremely Unusual & High Quality Hawkes Gravic Bowl – SOLD
Extremely Unusual
  •   $ 450 

This creamer and sugar is cut in Hawkes highly collectible Queens design. This pattern is known to highlight the excellent quality blanks Hawkes used and these are no exception. Both pieces are signed with the Hawkes trademark.

Two vertical , diamond-shaped hobstars are stacked around the exterior of these pieces. These stacks are topped with tiny little fans. The hobstars are divided by a chain of punties which is the signature motif of the Queens pattern – it shows of the clarity of these stellar blanks. The tiny handles of these are triple notched and the bases are filled with a hobstar.

These measure 3 1/2″ wide and and 3 3/4″ tall. They are in perfect condition with no issues and on the highest quality blanks.

Adorable Hawkes Queens Cream and Sugar Set – SOLD
Adorable Hawkes Queens
  •   $ 425 

This stem matches a Ewer in the Dorflinger museum which is documented to be commissioned by William Vanderbilt for his wedding to Virginia Fair. The height is appropriate to be matches with the tall ewer.

Deep, clear polished intaglio vintage displays itself across the bowl of these hock wines. The contrast between the clear/white grapes and the rich green is striking. The amount of detail and relief in the leaves of the vines is unfathomable. Flutes finish out the base of the bowl and run uninterrupted all the way to the applied base, which features more vintage engraving.

These stems are true rarities and of historical significance. They are on incredible blanks – both extremely clear and gorgeous green color. They measure a very tall 8″ high and 3″ across the top. I have 6 of these and would do quantity discounts. The price per stem is $1200.

Extremely Rare Dorflinger Vanderbilt Stemware – SOLD
Extremely Rare
  •   $  

Simply put, this is one of the nicest bowls I’ve ever offered – it’s cut in Pitkin & Brooks Mayflower design. Mayflower was P&B’s most expensive and meticulous cuts – and this bowl is just an exceptional example.

The very center of the pattern starts with what is an unusual, flat hobstar. It’s almost framed in an extra miter which is a technique I can’t remember ever seeing. It is surrounded on all four sides by tight Russian cutting. The Russian cutting is dived by bars of notching. The center design somehow leads into vesicas which feature fourteen tiny little hobstars. It incredible how they were able to achieve such small detail. These are topped with cane cutting and framed on either side by crosshatching. In the valleys in between each vesica, there is a hobstar – but not just any hobstar – this hobstar has an interior hobstar that has 5-miters per points. Look through your own collection and see how often you see that. It’s no mystery why this pattern was significantly more expensive that anything else in the Pitkin & Brooks reference material.

This bowl is oversized and in great condition – there are two tiny nips on the rim. It measures 10 1/2″ wide and 4 3/4″ tall.  The quality of Pitkin & Brooks finer pieces is extremely undervalued – this bowl is as good, if not better than some of the most desirable designs of the Brilliant Period

  •   $  

This bowl was cut by Taylor Brother’s in the highly collectible and easily identified Bellevue pattern. It’s signed by Taylor in the center.

Clear, curved miters like this were difficult to cut and provide a stunning display. The first circle contains a large hobstar. Framed with a wide, clear miter the next layer of the circle has hobstars separated by split bands of crosshatching. Dividing each circle is a section hobstars, crosshatching and fans. Another main feature of this design is the “colonial edge”. This is a perpetual band of crosshatching that undulates with the pattern – it’s a striking and welcome difference from the usual serrated edge.

The bowl is in perfect condition and measures 8″ wide and 3 3/4″ tall. It’s on a thick, heavy, and clear blank.

Taylor Brothers Bellevue Deep Bowl SOLD
Taylor Brothers
  •   $  

I have seldom seen a true double ended American Brilliant perfume bottle. This one was likely cut by J. Hoare and the silver is marked Tiffany.

The design on this piece features deep, swirling tusks – these is one of the most difficult motifs to cut. The tusks are swirled around two paralleled deep miters. The effect is stunning, especially when you twirl the bottle in your hands.

The perfume is in great condition with no issues. This is a true cut glass rarity.

Rare Double Ended Lay Down Perfume with Tiffany Sterling SOLD
Rare Double Ended Lay
  •   $  

This low bowl was cut by Pairpoint in their rare and collectible Catalpa design. This design is one of their most complex with what is likely the most cutting per square inch of any designs in their catalog. The silver is marked Birks.

The Catalpa design spurs from the senter point with a great bit of busy cutting. Small fanned fields, and crosshatched portions are divided into clear crosses taht continually run in all directions. What’s most unusual about these crosshatches is that they’re done with tiny, curved clear bands – most companys would have left everything a straight line – I imagine this work was painstakingly done at the cutter’s expense. The edge of the bowl is finished with deep hobstars and fans.

The bowl is in perfect condition and measures 9″ wide and 2 1/2″ and is in excellent condition. If one was interested, I have matching berry/serving dishes to this piece – shown in the last photo.

Rare Pairpoint Catalpa Low Bowl with Sterling Silver Rim SOLD
Rare Pairpoint Catalpa
  •   $  

This vase was cut in the highly-collectible No. 100 design by Elmira. This is one of their premier patterns and is always very well done. This vase was bought in a pair another on the exact same blank in Elmira’s No. 33 which can also be purchased (shown in the last photo).

A huge, deep hobstar sits at the top of the vase, flanked on either side by cane cutting. Working down the vase, there are fields of crosshatching, and a larger field with a fan splayed across the crosshatching – this is No. 100’s signature touch. There is more cane and a vesica of crosshatching in the center of the vase, before the pattern continues towards the bottom. The base is finished with a rayed star.

This piece is in excellent condition and on a very clear blank and measures 9 1/2″ tall and 4″ wide. It’s being offered at a bargain price for collectors.

Highly Collectible Elmira No. 100 Corset Vase – SOLD
Highly Collectible
  •   $  

This bowl was cut by Libbey in their seldom seen Adela pattern. This exact piece is shown in the back of the large, red ACGA Libbey catalog reprint. It’s signed with the Libbey in a circle trademark.

A crosshatched formation sits in the center of the bowl and is framed on all sides by an octaganol figure. Vesicas frame the rest of hte pattern which features flat, Libbey style stars and realistic engraving. Each of these vesicas is separated by notching with fans on either side. This blank is one of the Libbey’s most well-known and is high quality.

The bowl measures 8 3/4″ and 3″ high. It’s in near-mint condition with one tiny flake at a corner, but otherwise no damage.

Libbey Adela Square Bowl – SOLD
Libbey Adela Square
  •   $  

This whiskey jug was cut by Hawkes in their early Russian design. I have never seen another Russian whiskey jug and this would be considered a rare example.

This early design features countless crosscuts which lead to a relief – the higher portions, with more glass remaining features fanned buttons while the lower portions provide space between the buttons. The handle is fluted and notched while the spout is lapidary cut. The stopper is fully cut in pattern which makes this example a find!

The jug is in perfect condition with just a few tiny nips in the cutting. It measures 8 3/4″ tall and 5″ wide. and is on a perfectly clear blank with wood-wheel polish.

Hawkes Russian Whiskey Jug with Pattern Cut Stopper SOLD
Hawkes Russian Whiskey
  •   $ 650 

California Cut Glass was a lesser known company that has risen to popularity in the last 10 years. Their designs which often feature swirling, realistic cutting are highly collectible and stylistically identifiable.

Thistles, vines, and leaves swirl around the exterior of this deep bowl. The bulb of the actual thistle is very deep and features almost silky like crosshatching. The undulating vines connect each thistle perpetually.

This bowl is in perfect condition and on a clear blank – it measures 8 1/2″ and 4″ tall.

California Cut Glass Thistle Bowl – SOLD
California Cut Glass
  •   $ 400 

This is one of my favorite designs of the Brilliant Period – I have only ever seen it in bowls, and just a handful at that, but the quality is unparalleled. The wide variety of high-quality motifs is unseen in other patterns of the period.

What I find most impressive about this piece is the cushion of tusk cutting that is made in a perfect circle, providing a pillow for the deep hobstar to be cut into it – again, I’ve never seen this type of work, but it must have required an extreme amount of skill to achieve. Framing these deep, tusk circles are bands of unusual crosscutting, hobnail, notching, and a highly detailed crosscut. These bands all run up to the edge and make the hobstars pop. Again, the hobstars are carved extremely deep into the three pillows of tusk cutting.

The bowl is in perfect condition and on the clearest of blanks. It measures 9″ in diameter and 2 1/2″ tall.

Incredible Tusked-Hobstar Bowl – SOLD
  •   $  
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