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This ladle was cut by the masters at Dorflinger in their Chester pattern. Chester was one of their premier patterns and features great, detailed cutting.

The handle of the ladle is cut with deep hobstars near the edge. Pointed flat hobstars sit between the deep ones and are framed on either side by the tightest crosshatching. This crosshatching frames deep miters that extend down the length of the handle flanked on either side by notching.

The ladle is in perfect condition and measures 15 1/4″ long. It’s extremely difficult to find these with sterling handles and in pristine condition.

Dorflinger Chester Ladle with Sterling SOLD
Dorflinger Chester
  •   $  

This seldom seen pattern was cut by Egginton at the heigh of the period. I have only ever seen a handful of examples of the Magnolia design and this is an unusual shape in that it’s blown-out with 8 distinct sections.

Four deeply cut hobstars go around the exterior of the bowl. They are divided on both sides by crosshatched fields with three deep, wide miters – which makes for almost a leaf appearance (I’d guess this is where the Magnolia design got its name). The center of the bowl features tiny fans suroudning another deep hobstar.

The bowl is on an excellent, clear blank and in perfect condition. It measures 9 1/2″ wide and 2″ tall.

Unusual Egginton Magnolia Low Blowout Bowl SOLD
Unusual Egginton
  •   $  

This is the first time I’ve ever been able to offer the Beverly design by Dorflinger – it’s shown sparingly in Dorflinger reference material, so it stands to reason, not much was made.

Four deeply-cut hobstars flank down the side of the pitcher. On either side of it is a stack of crosshatching, an unusual feather type cutting, and cane with both fan and crosshatched buttons. That stame type of cutting falls on the front of the pitcher as well. The handle is double nothced with crosscuts running up the center and the base is covered with a 16-point hobstar.

The pitcher is on a very heavy, thick blank and is in excellent condition – there is just one tiny flake to the inside of a tooth. It measures 11 1/4″ tall and 5″ wide.

Rare Dorflinger Beverly Pitcher – SOLD
Rare Dorflinger Beverly
  •   $  

This fabulous, helmet-shaped bowl was cut by Tuthill during the height of the brilliant period. It is signed twice (once off center, lightly and once in the center) with the Tuthill trademark.

The bowl features Tuthill’s silvery finish and tight crosshatching. Swirls of deep cut hobstars separated by triangular fields of crosshatching are separated by deep miters which run out toward the rim of the bowl at a large point in the scalloped rim. The swirls converge in the center at a kite-shaped field of split crosshatching.

The bowl is on an excellent blank and in great condition – it has one tiny, hard to find flake at the rim, but is otherwise perfect. It measures 9″ wide and 4 1/4″ tall.

Incredible Tuthill Swirling Comet Bowl-SOLD
Incredible Tuthill
  •   $  

I think this pattern carries many design elements in common with some of the finer Meriden designs – Byzantine, Theodora, Cetus. I’ve also seen it cut on identical blanks that they used for these great patterns.

A cross of tiny hobstars arranges itself within a square in the center of the piece working its way outward toward the edge. The ends of the cross meet a large, pointed clear-button hobstar. Vesicas of tight crosshatching wrap around another large clear-button hobstar surrounded at the top and bottom with tight fan cutting. The pattern is nothing short of dynamic.

The bowl is in excellent condition and measure 8″ wide and 2″ tall. It’s difficult to find a pattern cut this well in this price range!

Meriden? Low Bowl with Intricate Design SOLD
Meriden? Low Bowl with
  •   $ 300 

This large pitcher was cut by the craftsmen at Meriden. The exact piece is shown in their ACGA catalog reprint.

Deep notched prism runs down from the sterling mount and meets deeply cut hobstars which surround the perimeter of the pitcher at its widest point. The handle is triple notched and the base is covered with a 24-point hobstar.

The pitcher is in perfect condition and on a stunning blank. It measures 9″ tall. This is a great large piece combining the best in Brilliant cut glass and sterling silver.

Meriden Silver Rimmed Pitcher SOLD
Meriden Silver Rimmed
  •   $ 600 

The masters at Egginton cut several variations of this cascading tusk design. You can see another here, with variation only in the cascading portions and vesicas. I’ve seen some of these signed, this example is not.

My eyes are immediately drawn to the cascading tusks that run down the side of the bowl. Tusks were one of the most difficult and unusual cuttings of the period. This bowl uses these tusks so effectively – like a frozen waterfall – it’s particularly stunning. Large vesicas of crosshatching border each “waterfall.” Two graduating, richly cut hobstars come up from the center of the bowl which is also finished with a six sided hobstar.

The quality of this bowl is top-notch and it’s in excellent condition. It measures 9″ wide and 4″ tall.

Incredible Egginton Cascading Tusk Bowl SOLD
Incredible Egginton
  •   $  

This is a fantastic piece of Hawkes at the height of their success. Well known for blowout bowls, Hawkes created this jar and signed it around the rim – you can see the signatures in some of the photos.

This design was called Victoria, but that could be a name assigned by an author, as opposed to Hawkes. The jar features 4 large blown out panels which house 2 deeply cut hobstars separated by fans. Deep, clear miters frame each blown out section. The lid is covered with a 22-point hobstar with fans between the points. The base of the jar brings the four blown out sections together with outward-pointing fans.

The jar is in excellent condition with only a few teeny-tiny flecks around the rim. It’s on a crystal clear blank and measures 5 3/4″ tall and 5″ wide.

Amazing Hawkes Blowout Cookie/Ginger Jar – SOLD
Amazing Hawkes Blowout
  •   $  

Libbey had some of the best engravers of the period – in my opinion as good, if not sometimes better than some of the other companies known for their engraving like Sinclaire and Tuthill. This piece was done in their very realistic, very deep Engraved Apples. It’s signed with the small Libbey trademark which denotes that it was produced later in the Brilliant Period, when engraving was growing in popularity.

The bowl features couples of deep, detailed apples, hanging from the bough. The amount of shading/relief in the engraving is staggering. It’s silky, frosted finish is intoxicating when running ones fingers across the surface of the intaglio. The center shows and elegant touch with three leaves on the bough.

The bowl is in excellent condition 8 1/4″ wide and 3 3/4″ tall. It is on a crystal clear blank with just a few surface scratches which can be seen in the photos.

Incredible Libbey Intaglio Apples Bowl – SOLD
Incredible Libbey
  •   $  

This is a very rare fairy lamp cut by the master at Gundy Clapperton. Gundy produced a number of cut and engraved designs like this and this piece is signed with their trademark on the base.

There is a vesica throughout the pattern which features flowers (perhaps daisies?). The vesica is bordered by notching. Between each of the engraved panels is a stack of three hobstars and the top of the shade is finished with a deep hobstar. The base of the lamp is finished with an unusual half moon and notched border.

Fairy lamps like this do not come up often – from memory, this is the only the second Brilliant Cut one I’ve ever offered. It measures 13″ tall and 5″ wide and is in perfect condition. It still works and lights up!

Whimsical Gundy Clapperton Fairy Lamp – SOLD
Whimsical Gundy
  •   $  

This design is widely known in the cut glass community as the Tiffany design. It has no actual identification, but is well known for it’s high quality cutting.

The center of the bowl features a huge, 40 point hobstar with a rose-diamond center. These are repeated around the edge of the piece and separated by vesicas of stacks hobstars and fan cuts within the vesica. The silver on the bowl is gorgeous vintage with highly detailed grapes and vines.

The bowl is heavy, very sharp and in perfect condition. It measures 9″ wide and 4″ tall.

Gorham Silver and Tiffany Design Bowl – SOLD
Gorham Silver and
  •   $  

This bowl is signed by Tuthill and cut in their most-desirable Rex design. This is one of the most easily recognizable and collectible patterns of the Brilliant Period.

The signature component of this bowl is a collection of 12 cane vesicas arranged in the center like flower petals. These have tiny fans in between each, interspersed with tiny, bright crosshatching. A layer of notching runs around the center of the bowl, creating an interior circle leading to a chain of hobstars and crosshatching which leads to a serrated and spiked rim.

This gorgeous piece is on a magnificent blank and in excellent condition – it has one tiny little flake to the side of the center vesicas. The bowl measures 8 1/4″ wide and 3 5/8″ tall. This pattern doesn’t come up often and this is an excellent example.

Rare and Always Desirable Tuthill Rex Bowl – SOLD
Rare and Always
  •   $  
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