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This gorgeous ewer features the most spectacular Gorham mounted lid. The exact piece is featured in the Gorham catalog printed by the ACGA. This was a presentation piece for the Indian Harbor Yacht Club Plant Race – Won by Oconee Jully 3, ’93 – as shown in the photos, this is engraved on the lid

The glass on this ewer is likely cut by J. Hoare. It features giant, swirling clear tusks divided by notching. The ultra-clear glass looks like icecles with this difficult to cut motif. These are motifs often employed by Hoare and Hoare often mounted to this type of Gorham lid on their premier pieces.

The ewer is 10 1/2″ tall, 5″ wide. It’s in perfect condition and a true rarity – this is what cut glass is all about!

Fabulous Gorham and Clear Tusk Trophy Ewer – SOLD
Fabulous Gorham and
  •   $  

This bowl is cut in Anderson’s Comet design – very easily one of his best that’s been discovered. It features an unusual inverted design that is almost singular to this pattern alone.

A fan of chains of hobstars shoots from smaller hobstars arranged around the bowl. They are framed with tight crosshatching, clear button hobstars and notching. The fans run right up into the edge for an unusual tooth arrangement. The design then inverts and repeats itself in the opposite direction. The center of the bowl is finished in a large 32-point hobstar.

The bowl is on a gorgeous blank and in perfect condition. It measures 9″ tall and 4 1/2″ tall. This is one of the most beautiful designs of the Brilliant Period.

One of the Best Anderson Bowls – Comet – SOLD
One of the Best
  •   $  

This fantastic pitcher was cut by J. Hoare and showcases several difficult techniques, from forming the unusual shaped blank, cutting clear tusks, and rock crystal engraving. It is also mounted with a Tiffany silver top. The exact glass is shown in the Gorham catalog reprint by the ACGA.

Clear tusks and notching extend down the length of most of the pitcher. They meet an unusual, 6-sided, almost blown-out, base featuring some very fine rock crystal engraving. The handle is fluted and notched in typical Hoare fashion. The base is finished with a rayed star.

The blank is crystal clear – making both the cutting and engraving look like icicles. The pitcher is in excellent condition and measures

Beautiful Hoare Pitcher with Tiffany Sterling Rim – SOLD
Beautiful Hoare Pitcher
  •   $ 850 

This is very easily the rarest shape for the Nautilus design. This was one of Hawkes premier patterns and is often seen on bowls and trays – but it’s practically never on upright pieces and this is the only flower center of vase I’ve ever seen in the design. It’s signed next to the pedestaled base of this Hawkes blank. I’ve held this piece in my collection for some time but it’s time for it to find a new home.

The Nautilus pattern displays eloquently on this piece – featuring arching circular bars of tight crosshatching. These arches frame a rainbow of notched prism and smaller fields of cane. Sitting perched above the crosshatching are smaller, diamond-shaped hobstars. Step cutting covers the neck and a 24-point hobstar is on the wafered base.

The condition of the flower center is pristine and flawless while the blank is exceptionally clear. It measures 8″ wide and 5 1/4″ tall. Many Nautilus bowls sell for the price of this flower center and this is far rarer of a piece.

Incredibly Rare Hawkes Nautilus Flower Center – SOLD
Incredibly Rare Hawkes
  •   $  

This is great old glass! While there were many russian/swirl designs during the Brilliant Period, this may be the rarest one – Russian and Pillars by Hawkes which is shown in their patent designs. This piece was made early in the period and is gorgeously wood-wheel polished.

Bands of Russian wrap around the pitcher and are framed on either side by narrow, swirling tusks. Each of these pillars is divided by a band of tight notching. The design covers the entire pitcher and meets an unusual flat, notched rim. The base of the pitcher is covered with a rayed star and the handle is quintuple notched.

The pitcher is on a clear blank and in remarkably good condition with just a few tiny nicks in the cutting. It measures 11 3/4″ tall and 4″ wide.

Incredible Hawkes Russian and Pillar Pitcher – SOLD
Incredible Hawkes
  •   $  

This is one of the most impressive vases I’ve had the opportunity to offer. It has so much presence – because of size and sparkle. It’s cut in Libbey’s seldom-seen Prism design and is signed with the Libbey Saber on the faceted knob. This blank is shown in Sultana in the old Libbey catalog (photo attached) – I’ve never seen another, intact version.

From the base of the vase , there is notching leading to fine crosshatching. This crosshatching leads to two layers of clear button cane which leads to more notched prism and crosshatching. The pattern repeats itself again twoards the rim. The neck is fluted and notched and leads to a large, over-sized lapidary knob and a petticoat, paperweighted base with a 24-point hobstar.

The shape and sized of the vase is remarkable – it measures 15 1/4″ tall and 5 1/4″ wide. The vase is hefty and seems even larger than 5 1/4″ wide – especially at the middle bout.

Singular Libbey Prism Footed Vase – SOLD
Singular Libbey Prism
  •   $  

This gorgeous bowl has been attributed to Meriden for a combination of motifs – including clear button hobstars, flat hexad, and rose diamond center hobstars.

Six large hobstars are set out symmetrically around the perimeter of the bowl. Each one of these has a center made of a huge rose diamond – one of hte most desirable and possibly difficult motifs to cut. Vesicas separate each of these hobstars and are made of flat hobstars, hexad, and crosshatching. The center of the bowl is made of six, clear-button hobstars and a center formation of star of david with hexad points.

The bowl is in excellent condition and on a perfectly clear blank that shows off the clear, rose-diamonds. It measures 8″ wide and 2 1/4″ tall.

Incredible Bowl with Rose Diamond Hobstars and Hexad – SOLD
Incredible Bowl with
  •   $  

This is rollover bread tray cut in the ever-desirable Triple Miter Trellis design. This was cut by several companies – we can eliminate Egginton and Hawkes sincer there are no U-nothces. It’d be my guess that this was done by Hoare (they also cut on this blank in addition to Libbey), but it is unsigned.

The triple miter design wraps seamlessly around this tray – quite a marvel since the tray rolls all the way over to the center. These 3, deep miters divide countless flat hobstars to make up this design.

The tray is very clear and in perfect condition. It measures 12″ long, 5 1/2″ wide, and 2 1/2″ tall.

Rare Triple Miter Trellis Rolled Bread Tray – SOLD
Rare Triple Miter
  •   $  

This elegant vase is cut in both a design and blank I’ve never seen. I’d bet good money that it’s a piece by J. Hoare but it is unsigned.

The hourglas top portion of this piece features a very large, deep hobstar on the lower portion and then fine parallel notching surrounding a vesica of hobnail on  the upper bout. The rest of the pattern features an unusual Hoare-style cross cutting surrounded by the same parallel lines leeding to a flat hobstar. The base on this piece is oversized both in width and thickness and features a very unusual 6-point hobstar formation.

The vase is in perfect condition and measures 12″ tall and 6″ wide.

Fantastic, Oversized-footed Vase – SOLD
  •   $  

This is an incredible pitcher in Hawkes Kensington pattern. It’s one of the finest examples I’ve ever seen of the design and the pattern extention is extremely unusual.

Everything about this pitcher is a step above most. Triple miter chains of hobstars extend the entire length of the pitcher to a fine point. Draped in between each chain are two fields of kohinoor leading to oen of the most unusal hobstars I’ve seen. This hobstar is jammed in a tight, narrow space and the clear space in between the base points goes down the entire pitcher – I’ve never seen anything like this. The top of the pitcher has deeply cut hobstars. Hawkes went the extra mile on this piece and cut the handle entirely with triple miter, clear button hobstars and notching. It’s truly a work of art and a highly skilled cutter.

The pitcher is in perfect condition and on an excellent blank. It measures 11 3/4″ tall and 4″ wide and is considerably heavier than most pieces this size.

Incredible Hawkes Kensington Champagne Pitcher – SOLD
Incredible Hawkes
  •   $  

The Savona pattern by Libbey may easily be the best combination of geometric cutting and realistic engraving. The variety of motifs is mind-numbing and the quality of engraving is superb. I have had a piece identical to this in my collection for many years and would never sell this piece if it wasn’t for that. The exact piece is pictured in the Libbey composite catalog reprint reproduced by the ACGA and in Rarities. This pattern was undoubtedly designed by William C. Anderson. It is signed Libbey in the center.

The center of the bowl (where is rests) is covered with clear-button centered hobstars. They’re arranged in a manner that some how comes to three points in the center. Look carefully at the corners of the bottom – Libbey even threw in a tiny little hobstar.  A very deep, clear channel is cut around that portion of the pattern and meets three “pineapple” type of cutting. Shooting from the pineapple are fans cut nearly the same as Hawkes’ Panel – chains of hobstar separated by triple miter and divided by deep, clear channels. Three medallions of engraving are spread evenly around the bowl. Each one features I different fruit – I believe they are pears, grapes or plumbs, and a muskmelon. Flared feathering surrounds each section of engraving.

The blank quality of this piece is as good as it gets and dazzles. The bowl is in good condition with just a minor flake at the rim to the side of a tooth and a chip to the inside of a miter on the base. This large piece  measures 10 3/4″ wall and 3 3/4″ tall. The shape is quite unusual in that it only rests on the center portion and then flares inward throughout the bowl and upward at the rim.

If it wasn’t already obvious – I think extremely highly of this piece. I truly believe that this should be about as expensive as any bowl out there – it’s just as nice and as rare.

Rarity – Libbey Savona Flared Bowl SOLD
Rarity – Libbey
  •   $  

This is hands-down one of the best pieces of Hawkes’ Grecian I’ve ever seen. The blank is nearly 1/2″ thick and exceptionally clear – the pattern displays beautifully on it.

The Grecian pattern displays wonderfully on this bowl. A large 10-point hobstar formation (usually 8) fills the center of the bowl.  Spurring from each of the points of that formation are 8 large clear-tusk vesicas. Supposedly this was one of, if not the most difficult motifs to cut as it has to be done by the naked eye, rather than tracing a line. These tusks extend all the way into the rim. The rest of the pattern is entirely Russian cutting and the contrast between the clear tusks and the brilliant cutting is particularly striking.

The bowl is very large and measures 10 3/4″ wide and 2 1/4″ tall. It’s in perfect condition and on a perfectly clear blank.

Incredible Hawkes Grecian Low Bowl/Tray – SOLD
Incredible Hawkes
  •   $  
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