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This gorgeous jar features heavy silver work by J.E. Caldwell. The glass is very reminiscent of a great bit of Hawkes work combined with silver. The top of this piece is silver plated, with a sterling rose that matches the rest of the silver’s design.

The combination of silver and polished engraving on this piece is stunning. Scrolling flowers splay across the body of the jar while silver mounts on top and bottom of the jar feature realistic flowers and foliage. Hawkes did a great deal of work like this with Gorham mounts, so it seems probable that is who made the glass on this fantastic piece.

The jar is in perfect condition and measures roughlly 8″ tall.

Stunning Caldwelll and Rock Crystal Cookie Jar – SOLD
Stunning Caldwelll and
  •   $  

This unusual, flared bowl was cut by Egginton in one of their most desirable patterns – Genoa. It is faintly signed in the center with the Egginton trademark.

Four clusters of hobstars go around the edge of the bowl. Each cluster is divided by two parallel bands of crosshatching surrounding a band of cane fields with notching. The center of the bowl is covered with an 18-point, split-point hobstar.

The condition of this piece is excellent and it is on a perfectly clear blank. The bowl measures 8″ wide and 3 1/2″ tall.

Rare Egginton Genoa Bowl – SOLD
Rare Egginton Genoa
  •   $ 950 

This pitcher is from my own personal collection and I’ve had it for 12 years. Albany is almost never seen and is one of Hawkes rare weaving patterns like Willow. To make this piece even rarer, it’s cut on a particularly unusual blank. The piece is signed with the Hawkes trademark. A tray in this pattern sold at Woody Auction not long ago for $12,000.

Clear, deep channels weave around crosscuts and full fan squares. This motif surrounds the entire middle of the body of this pitcher. The extra long lip is fluted and notched and the handle is quintuple notched. The base of the pitcher is extremely unusual. Heavy glass was blowout out and carved with deep punties. Around each puntie, the piece was shaped with rounded scallops – creating the impression that each portion is blown out – all achieved with the cutter’s wheels. The base is covered in a large 24-point hobstar.

This pitcher is in pristine condition and one I’ve cherished for many years. I hope to pass it on to someone that can enjoy it as much as I have.

Exceptionally Rare Hawkes Albany Pitcher – SOLD
Exceptionally Rare
  •   $  

This fabulous decanter is cut in Hoare’s old Croesus pattern. It is wood wheel polished and very heavy.

The Croesus design features a chain of diamond fields of cane with fans on all sides. There are deep, swirling tusks coming up from the base of the decanter and meeting the chain of cane. The neck has an applied lapidary knob and the stopper is cut in a heavy, lapidary shape. The base is finished with a rayed star.

This has been a perennial favorite among collectors and has been featured in numerous publications. This heavy piece measures 12 1/2″ tall and 5″ wide.

Rare, Old J. Hoare Croesus Decanter – SOLD
Rare, Old J. Hoare
  •   $ 1,850 

This fantastic stem was likelly made by Steuben glass works. It features detailed, deep engraving of roses and foliage. The cranberry bowl is heavilly fluted and engraved in every other flute. The remaining color at the top was engraved around the rim. The stem of the wine is fluted and has an air trap while the engraving continues on the heavy base.

Both the color and the engraving on this pieces are outstanding examples – one of the best stems from the period.

Steuben Cranberry Cut To Clear Engraved Rhine Wine SOLD
Steuben Cranberry Cut
  •   $  

There are many comet/swirling patterns that were made during the Brilliant Period – most remain popular because of the unusual, asymmetrical design. This piece is cut in one of the nicest, most elaborate comet designs I’ve ever seen. It’s elegant and has a tasteful mix of motifs that display perfectly on this piece.

Swirling bands of cane and hobnail fan out towards the end. They meet another three bands of strawberry-diamond cutting which then invert under the first three bands. All of this swirling surrounds a triangular field that frames an interior hobstar. The sides of the bowl have 3 huge, deep wedding-cake hobstars with 32-points.

The blank of the bowl is excellently clear and in perfect condition. It measures 10″ wide and 4 1/2″ tall.

One of the Best Comet Bowls – SOLD
One of the Best Comet
  •   $  

This bowl has everything going for it. The pattern, which is unknown features a tastefully detailed design with a wide variety of motifs. The glass quality itself is extremely high and it’s signed with a star-in-a-circle, denoting the blank was from Libbey Glass.

One section of the bowl features 13 flat hobstars arranged in a cluster which is surrounded by tiny, tight crosshatching. Another section of the bowl features 13 deeply cut hobstars arranged side by side.  The center of the bowl features a 6-point star formation with points of cane and a central cluster of hobstars. An extra touch of quality was added to the rim which is completely crosshatched all around.

The blank of this bowl is stunning with tons of sparkle and clarity – it measures 9 1/4″ wide and 4″ tall. It’s in perfect condition with no damage.

Incredibly Detailed Hobstar Cluster Bowl – SOLD
Incredibly Detailed
  •   $  

This very rare form was cut in Libbey’s seldom-seen Puritana pattern. I design that I’ve only seen a handful of times in person and always on high-quality pieces. It is signed on the handle with the Libbey trademark.

A large Libbey-style hobstar displays on the front of the piece and is flanked with cornucopias of crosshatching holding fan cutting. Below the hobstar . is strawberry-diamond cutting and a triple-miter framed hobstar. The handles are triple notched and the base is scalloped with a 24-point hobstar.

The cup is in perfect condition and all 3 handles are perfectly annealed. This Libbey blank measures 8 3/4″ tall and 5 1/4″ across the top.

Incredibly Rare Libbey Puritana Loving Cup SOLD
Incredibly Rare Libbey
  •   $ 3,500 

This pitcher is cut in Hoare’s collectible Monarch pattern. It’s signed on the base with the Hoare trademark.

Two large, stacked deep hostars are cut on this pitcher. They are surrounded by crosshatched fields. The Other portion of the pattern features an unusual 8-point star with a mitered clear feel, above and below it. There is a Christmas star to top off the pattern. The base is rayed and the neck and lip are stair cut.

The pitcher is in perfect condition with barely a scratch – it measures 8 3/4″ tall and 4 1/2″ wide. This piece is offered at a bargain price.

Quality J. Hoare Monarch Pitcher – SOLD
Quality J. Hoare
  •   $  

This extremely thick, snowflake-shaped bowl was cut by Hawkes in the early portion of the Brilliant Period. It’s perfectly wood-wheel polished.

This piece is on a heavy, clear blank. The pockets are cut in precise Persian surrounded with deep miters on all side. These miters form the points of the snowflake. The center of the bowl features a 24-point hobstar with a clear-button center.

This bowl is very large and heavy and measures 10 1/2″ wide and 3″ tall. It’s in perfect condition.

Stellar Hawkes Persian Snowflake Blowout SOLD
Stellar Hawkes Persian
  •   $  

I love this pattern – it features tons of clear tusk cutting (one of the hardest motifs to achieve) and fine, wood-wheel posliehd cutting. In addition to that, the pattern raps seamlessly around the base – it’s a true testament to the quality of the piece and design.

Large, deep hobstars sit around the top portion of the globe and sit above two giant, clear tusks. These turks connect 8-pointed hobstars framed by crosshatching. The tusks also frame 4 more additional 8 point hobstars. The center of the piece features split, crosshatched vesicas framed by even more tusks! A ton of skill and care was taken into make this piece.

The roseglobe is in perfect condition and measures 6 1/2″ wide and 5 1/2″ tall. It’s on a stunning blank and is an exceptional example of Brilliant Period cut glass.

Fantastic Bergen Columbia Roseglobe SOLD
Fantastic Bergen
  •   $  

This is one of the most well-done jars I’ve ever seen. The cutting is meticulous, and highly-detailed and covers the entire piece – even the lid is completely cut in pattern.

Triangular fields of cane mirror each other on either side of notching. In between each field of cane is a hobstar perched atop tight crosshatching. Under the notching is a super-tight field housing a hobstar and framed on 3 sides by crosshatching. The lid is completely cut in pattern – an amazing feat given how little real estate the cutter had to work with. The base features a split point, 26-point hobstar.

The jar is in perfect condition and measures 9″ tall. It’s on the best quality blank – a premier example from the Brilliant Period.

Stunning Detailed Cookie Jar – SOLD
Stunning Detailed
  •   $  
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