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Footed creamer and sugars are some of the rarer items of the Brilliant Period. It’s even more difficult to find them in known patterns, like this set in Hoare’s Carolyn design.

The Carolyn design displays nicely on this pair – bands of cane frame a deeply cut hobstar on the front of each piece.  These cane bands intersect with a vesica of split notching bound by a flat hobstar – Carolyn’s defining motif. The tiny handles are triple notched and the bases rayed.

Rare Hoare Footed Cream & Sugar in Carolyn SOLD
Rare Hoare Footed Cream
  •   $  

This great decanter was cut by Hawkes in the Russian. Hawkes went the extra mile and cut the stopper in the design as well!

The Russian pattern consists of a criss-cross of many miters. These miters converge in make a recessed portion of the pattern and the relief leads to buttons. These buttons are topped with rayed stars, adding to the complexity of the design. The base is finished with the Hawkes’ pyramidal star. The neck features 3 heavy neck rings.

The decanter is in great condition on a fantastic blank – it measures 12″ tall and 6″ wide.

Hawkes Russian Decanter with Pattern Cut Stopper – SOLD
Hawkes Russian Decanter
  •   $  

What’s particularly nice about this Dorflinger pitcher is the fact that the pattern seamlessly wraps around the base – something seldom seen in ABP glass.

Hobstar and crosshatched filled vesicas adorn the side of the pitcher and are surrounded by feather-style cutting. Larger fans divide each vesica. The pattern continues on to the base where there are alternating fields of hobstars and hobnails. The very center of the base features a deeply cut, 18-point hobstar.

The pitcher is on a thick blank and in perfect condition. It measures 9″ tall and 6″ wide.

Fantastic Dorflinger Brilliant Pitcher – SOLD
Fantastic Dorflinger
  •   $  

This is a cute cigarette jar by Dorflinger in their Marlboro design.

The Marlboro pattern consists of several 8-pointed stars with crosshatching between each point.Alternating panels of crosshatching and fan drift down the rest of the perimeter of the Humidor which finish out the lovely pattern. The entire piece is wood wheel polished and finished with a rayed star on the base.

The jar is in perfect condition and measures 7 tall and 3 1/2″ wide.

Dorflinger Marlboro Cigarette Jar- SOLD
Dorflinger Marlboro
  •   $  

Easily one of my favorite patterns, Majestic by Quaker city is one of the most detailed patterns of the Brilliant Period. Painstaking effort was taken to cut – there are hobstars smaller than 1/4 of a dime.

A cross of hobstars lies in the center of the bowl, each bar framed by notching. In between each bar of the cross is a vesica featuring three graduating chains of hobstars – the smallest being smaller than any hobstar I’ve seen. The top of the vesica section has tight, flat hexad. Four deep hobstars with 5-mitered centers – something that can only be found on the highest quality pieces.

I hardly ever see this pattern and the quality is always top of the line – this bowl is no exception and I hold it in the highest regard. It measures9″ wide, 4 1/4″ tall and is in perfect condition.

Incredible Quaker City Majestic Bowl – SOLD
Incredible Quaker City
  •   $  

This is the only time I’ve ever seen this set offered – it’s the exact set from Rarities in Hawkes old Chrysanthemum design. The set features one very heavy, large tray with 12 matching nappies.

The workmanship on the set is really stunning – with some areas left unpolished for textural contrast as the great old glass often did. Four vesicas sprout form the center of the tray – the interior is a split of sharp crosshatching surrounded by cane. The cane intersects at a large 8-point hobstar with a clear button center. Four giant hobstars sit between each vesica perched above fans. The nappies go the extra mile and have honeycomb cut all the way towads the interior of the bowl.

It’s nearly unheard of to find sets this large and complete and this is done in one of Hawkes’ best designs. The tray is 15 1/2″ long and 10 1/2″ wide and the nappies are 6 1/2″ from handle to edge. It’s in perfect conditio non water-white glass.

Incredible Hawkes Chrysanthemum Set from Rarities – SOLD
Incredible Hawkes
  •   $  

Simply put, this is one of the nicest bowls I’ve ever offered – it’s cut in Pitkin & Brooks Mayflower design. Mayflower was P&B’s most expensive and meticulous cuts – and this bowl is just an exceptional example.

The very center of the pattern starts with what is an unusual, flat hobstar. It’s almost framed in an extra miter which is a technique I can’t remember ever seeing. It is surrounded on all four sides by tight Russian cutting. The Russian cutting is dived by bars of notching. The center design somehow leads into vesicas which feature fourteen tiny little hobstars. It incredible how they were able to achieve such small detail. These are topped with cane cutting and framed on either side by crosshatching. In the valleys in between each vesica, there is a hobstar – but not just any hobstar – this hobstar has an interior hobstar that has 5-miters per points. Look through your own collection and see how often you see that. It’s no mystery why this pattern was significantly more expensive that anything else in the Pitkin & Brooks reference material.

This bowl is oversized and in perfect condition – measuring 10 1/2″ wide and 4 3/4″ tall.  The quality of Pitkin & Brooks finer pieces is extremely undervalued – this bowl is as good, if not better than some of the most desirable designs of the Brilliant Period

One of the Best Bowls – P&B Mayflower  SOLD
One of the Best Bowls
  •   $  

This is a stellar piece of signed Hawkes glass. Hawkes was a master of the blowout shape and this bowl is a perfect example of a great design/shape combination.

Chains of graduating hobstars, divided by fans, extend from teh center of the bowl. Each of these chains alternates with a pocket of various notched cuts. I have always loved how each pocket seems to have its own design, and to swirl it really adds to the draw.

This bowl is heavy and on a clear blank. It measures 10″ wide and 1 1/2″ tall and is in perfect condition.

Gorgeous Hawkes Swirl-from Blowout Bowl – SOLD
Gorgeous Hawkes
  •   $  

This plate was cut by Libbey in their Melrose design. It is signed and cut on the Libbey pie-shape plate blank.

The Melrose pattern has unusual 8-point star formations spread throughout the design .Each point is filled with checked cutting – a motif seen on many Libbey designs. The center of the tars are filled with deep miters dividing more fans. Four deeply cut hobstars are spread around the rim of the plate.

This piece is in perfect condition and measures 12″ wide and 2″ tall.

Gorgeous Libbey Melrose 12″ Platter SOLD
Gorgeous Libbey Melrose
  •   $  

This is a great ice bucket in the Gemini pattern – named by the Anderson Study Group and attributed to William C. Anderson and the American Cut Glass Co. What’s particularly nice about this piece is the uninterrupted continuation of the design into the handles.

Vesicas housing 2 flat hobstars and a combination of crosshatched fields are surrounded by precise nothced cutting. These vesicas are framed with feathering and frame a larger, deeper hobstar whose southern-most point attaches to another field of crosshatching. The vesicas all converge in the center of the bucket and run all the way up to the tip of the handle – which is particularly unusual and an extra touch of care.

This ice bucket is in perfect condition on an exceptional blank – it measures 6 1/2″ wide and 5 3/4″ tall.

Well Done William Anderson Ice Bucket Gemini Pattern – SOLD
Well Done William
  •   $  

This is an extremely high quality bowl cut in a variety of motifs which leads me to believe it was cut by CF Monroe.

The center hobstar of this piece has cutting between each of the points – something only seen on top-quality pieces. Some of the points are wrapped in tight crosshatching while others have complex, hexad cutting. These large fields of hexad are surrounded by notching and come to a point, leading to a border with cane – which runs right up to the edge in a thumb shaped field – something I see mainly on Monroe pieces (hexad is another motif of theirs). Sitting between each field of hexad is a large, 24-point hobstar.

The blank of the bowl is crystal-clear and measures 9 1/4″ wide and 4″ tall. It’s in stunning, perfect condition.

Gorgeous Bowl Attribute to Monroe SOLD
Gorgeous Bowl Attribute
  •   $  

This is a fantastic form – cut by Pairpoint in their Carnation design. This vase was proudly advertised in Pairpoints material – a sure sign that it was one of the better pieces they produced.

The lower bullbous portion of the vase is cut with a deep hobstar, framed by cane, crosshatching and fans. Continuing up from the base is stair cutting leading to a center bulge. The center bout features another deep hobstar separated from others with notching.  Continuing towards the top flare of the vase is fine, clear honeycomb cutting. At the flair there is hobnail, crosshatching and fanned stars.

The vase is very heavy and a large 14″ tall. It’s on a stunning, clear blank and in perfect condition. This is one of the most elegant, attractive vases I’ve had the chance to offer.

Elegant Pairpoint Carnation Vase – SOLD
Elegant Pairpoint
  •   $  
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