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This gorgeous tray is shown exactly in the ACGA J. Hoare catalog reprint. It’s signed with the J. Hoare trademark.

There couldn’t be a more appropriately named design – this one is truly a sparkler! A large hobstar formation spurs from the center of the tray. Each point of the star is made of a giant, elongated long Christmas-star. Spokes come off the central hobstar that contain 3 bars of cane leading into a crosscut of crosshatched octagons. In between each of these spokes are deeply cut hobstars towards the edge of the tray.

The tray is in excellent conditio nand measures 14″ wide and 1 1/2″ tall. It’s become more and more difficult to find large pieces like this cut this well.

Giant J. Hoare Sparkler Charger SOLD
Giant J. Hoare Sparkler
  •   $  

This pattern, by Libbey, is easily one of their rarest-Circles and Arcs. I’ve proudly been able to offer 4 pieces in this pattern and have only ever seen a handful more. Another example can be seen in the newest rendition of Revi’s American Cut and Engraved Glass. This bowl is signed directly in the center with the Libbey-sabre mark.

Circles and Arcs couldn’t be any more of an appropriately named design – circles and arcs of vesicas engulf the entire pattern. The circles are made up of 4 connecting vesicas, consisting of 3 hobstars each, encompassing a large hobstar. The large hobstar is surrounded on all sides by crosshatching, while the bottom side is covered by the nicest cane I’ve ever seen. Rather than having flat buttons to top off the cane, the clear portions come to sharp points-like diamond-point hexad. The layout of this pattern is particularly pleasing to the eye-perfectly proportional while remaining both complicated and simple, depending how one looks at it.

This rare piece is in perfect condition.  The blank is of the highest Libbey quality and the bowl measures 9″ wide and 3 3/4″ tall.

Rare Libbey Circles and Arcs Bowl SOLD
Rare Libbey Circles and
  •   $  

This gorgeous set was engraved by the masters at Libbey Glass. All pieces are signed with the Libbey trademark. The good Libbey engraved pieces from this era of the Brilliant Period are second to none – outdoing many companies like Sinclaire and Tuthill which are better known for their engraving.

Realistic cherries and foliage adorn all 7 pieces of this set. The engraving is exceptionally deep – especially on the tumblers. Please take a close look at how much class was carved away on the edges of the flutes on the tumblers – it’s amazing they didn’t penetrate the interior of the glass. Both the handle and the base of the pitcher are engraved.

The set is in excellent condition and the pitcher measures 8 3/4″ tall and 6″ wide. The tumblers are just under 4″ tall and 3″ wide. You’d be hard pressed to find a higher quality engraved set.

Incredible Libbey Intaglio Cherry Water Set -SOLD
Incredible Libbey
  •   $  

This is a wonderful bowl that is reportedly by Meriden. I have always thought it was cut by Hoare and sold by Meriden – you can see this with piece’s of J. Hoare’s Snail also sold by Meriden (often times with their silver). It would seem likely these are by Hoare as they match no other Meriden design techniques. A one-piece punch bowl in this exact pattern sold several years ago for over $20,000.

Deeply cut tusks run throughout this bowl – this was one of the most difficult cutting elements to cut. They frame the pattern like flower petals. A wonderful hobstar formation sits among the tusks with crosshatching between the point s- another old, Hoare technique.

The blank of the bowl is spectacular and all the cutting is wood-wheel polished. It’s in perfect condition and measures 10″  wide and 4 1/4″ tall.

Rare Meriden? Victor Bowl with Clear Tusks SOLD
Rare Meriden? Victor
  •   $  

This two part centerpiece was cut by the skilled craftsman and Empire glass in their intricate Seneca design. The piece is unusual in that the top bowl is oblong in shape.

Seneca is an extremely complex design – featuring many intersecting miters framed clusters of a variety of motifs. The motif that seems to be most prevelent is hobnail cutting that we see interspersed throughout the bowl. It frames fields of hobstars that have clear-mitered fields at the very point of the formation. Crosshatching is also used throughout the pattern and the plug features a 12-point hobstar. The base of the centerpiece features a chaine of hobstars around the collar and the neck is fluted and notched. The base is scalloped and with a 20-point hobstar.

This piece is in perfect condition with no damage. The cutting is extremely vibrant and shiny and the blank exceptionally clear. It measures 12″ long, 8 1/2″ tall and 9″ wide.

Fabulous Empire Seneca Centerpiece – SOLD
Fabulous Empire Seneca
  •   $  

Angelus was one of Clark’s most brilliant, complex designs and it sparkles on this vase. The vase is signed with the Clark script logo on the base.

Two giant pinwheels adorn the front of the vase – I’ve never seen this, but there is a pinwheel stacked inside of the larger one spinning the opposite direction! These pinwheels are surrounded by tiny hobstars separated with crosscuts and fans. The sides of the vase have two opposing, stacked vesicas of cane housing an interior of hobnail. The neck is step cut and the base is finished with a 24-point hobstar.

The vase is in perefct condition and measures 11 1/4″ tall and 4 1/2″ wide. It’s on a clear, brilliant blank and I think the pattern shows quite well on this form.

Clark Angelus High Shouldered Vase SOLD
Clark Angelus High
  •   $ 375 

This bowl is cut in a pattern very similar to JD Bergen’s Washington pattern. It features a variety of motifs weaving throughout the bowl.

Long, streaming bands of cane wrap around the bowl, crossing over and under two other motifs. One of these motifs is a band of hobnail, while another is a thin, tusk surrounded on each side by notching. The Tusk is remarkable-maybe the longest tusk I’ve ever seen and cut curved- as opposed to straight. The pattern provides a triangular field in the center of the bowl filled with a32-point hobstar. All of the cutting is extremely tight and precise.

The bowl is in excellent condition and measures a large 9 1/4″ wide and 4″ tall.

Unusual Weaving Bowl Attributed to Bergen SOLD
Unusual Weaving Bowl
  •   $  

This gorgeous decanter was cut in Hoare’s very early Richelieu design. This piece is cut on the same blank they cut many of their early, rare patterns on and is wood wheel polished.

Swirled tusks come down from the upper portion of the decanter and meet at 8 pointed stars that are filled with hobnail. The most unusual scalloped star leads up from the base and runs into the stars. around the perimeter of the decanter.

The decanter is in perfect condition with its original stopper and measures 13″ tall and 5 1/4″ wide. The clear blank shows of this exemplary use of clear space.

Rare J. Hoare Richelieu Decanter – SOLD
Rare J. Hoare Richelieu
  •   $  

This tray is cut in Bergen’s extremely rare Portland pattern (which is more commonly known as Empress Eugenie). I have only seen a handful of examples of this pattern. To me it’s one of the most appealing early patterns of the Brilliant Period, with many unique touches you won’t find in other designs. The tray has an unusual blowout, crimped rectangular design.

The Portland pattern features a large 6-point hobstar portion in the center of the piece. From each recess of the star, there are large vesicas framed in two arches of notching which meet at tiny hobstars on either end. The center of the four central vesicas feature oval hobstars. The larger vesicas towards the edge hold a symmetrical portion of cane that you won’t find on many other pieces. The border of the tray is really stunning – with deep miter cutting with points that have an additional miter on top of it – I’ve only ever seen this motif on old Bergen pieces.  Over each of the vesica is a flat, coined edge.

The piece is beautifully wood wheel polished and in perfect condition. It measures 14 1/2″ long and 8″ wide.

Gorgeous Bergen Empress Eugenie Ice Cream Tray – SOLD
Gorgeous Bergen Empress
  •   $  

This plate was cut in one of Sinclaire’s rarest designs – Arcadian. In my many years of collecting glass, I’ve only ever seen a handful of this pattern – perhaps because of the expensive of producing the design. It’s signed in the center with the Sinclaire trademark.

This symmetrical pattern features a central hobstar with four adjacent, diamond-shaped hobstars. Sprouting off of each one are alternating vesicas surround the central hobstars. One vesica features a flat hobstar and an “X” cut with fans on all sides. This vesica is surrounded with deep notched cutting. The other vesica features clear cut flowers and tight crosshatching. The border of the plate features tiny, rich hobstars framed by deeper miters and fans all around the scalloped edge.

The plate is in perfect condition and on a perfectly clear blank measuring 10″ wide and 1″ tall.

Rare Sinclaire Arcadian 10″ Plate – SOLD
Rare Sinclaire Arcadian
  •   $ 900 

t is seldom that a piece of cut glass absolutely blows me away, but this piece is one of the exceptions. It is cut in Libbey’s Celeste pattern and signed on the edge. I’ve only ever seen this pattern twice before. Celeste is essentiallya combination of all the best Libbey patterns. Little bits of Aztec, Kensington, Marcella and Grand Prize shine through. A gorgeous thing to be certain designed by the master – William C. Anderson.

Where to start with this piece? How about the triple miter cane? That motif is some of the most incredible cutting I’ve seen – with tons of depth and relief to each hobnail – how one never got knocked off, I’ll never know (especially considering there are nearly 120 points to the motif). Each of the fields of triple-miter cane is surrounded by tiny, flat hobstars that meet two clear button hobstars and a larger Christmas hobstar. In between each of these intenesly cut areas is a very deep hobstar with both the top and bottom points filled in with crosshatching – anywhere the cutter had an opportunity to add something on this piece, they did. The center of the bowl features a maltese-cross of diamond point hexad, which was one of the most difficult cuts of the Brilliant Period. They converge at a flat hobstar and have intense checking in between each bar.

The bowl is in excellent condition with only one tiny, small flake to the edge of a tooth. The bowl measures 8 1/4″ wide and 3 1/2″ tall. The blank is of the highest quality – both extremely clear and vibrant. I can’t stress enough how much quality and detail is packed into this piece. Not only is it a true rarity, but the quality pushes this piece into the highest level of cut glass.

Fabulous and Truly Rare Libbey Celeste Bowl – SOLD
Fabulous and Truly Rare
  •   $  

This corset vase was cut in P&B’s highly collectible heart design. It displays beautiful on this blank and is one of P&B’s premier designs.

The heart pattern features two hearts, both filled with flat hexad cutting. They are framed from the top with sprigs and cascading miters. Each heart perches atop a diamond-shaped field of crosshatching framed by four clear bands. Sitting between the hearts are deeply cut hobstars sitting atop fine crosshatching that is integrated into the points of the star. Each of these three stars is separated by a band of notching and the base is finished with a rayed star.

The vase is in perfect condition and quite heavy – weighing 12″ tall and 6 1/2″ wide. This would make a great gift for a loved one.

Fantastic Pitkin & Brooks Heart Corset Vase SOLD
Fantastic Pitkin &
  •   $  
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