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This bowl was cut in Hawkes’ seldom seen Brussels pattern. This exact piece is pictured on page one of the ACGA Hawkes catalog reprint. It’s signed in the center with the Hawkes trademark.

The bowl features a wavy, beveled edge rather than the more traditional teeth. Each crest of the waves houses an 18-point hobstar. The rest of the Brussels pattern features angled miters creating a beautiful patchwork of design. If you like things that are a step away from the ordinary, this bowl should certainly appeal to your cut glass sensibilities.

The bowl is in great condition with only one or two extremely small, light flakes to the edge. It is a very heavy, thick piece and measures 9″ wide and 2″ tall.

Rare Hawkes Brussels Low Bowl
Rare Hawkes Brussels
  •   $ 375 

I have only ever seen this pattern one other time, on a low bowl, about 5 years ago. And while it’s not pictured anywhere that I know of, I still find it particularly memorable. The design and rim treatment is so particularly singular and mesmerizing.

The edge of this plate is finished with hobnail and the rim is coined and beveled on both sides. Note the large hobstars – they have five-mitered points which can only be found on very high quality designs. Dividing each large hobstar is hobnail, fanned fields, and a flat hobstar perched atop two crosshatched bars. The center of this plate is finished with another deeply cut hobstar.

The plate is in good condition with some minor roughness at the rim and some surface scratches at the center. The blank is perfectly clear and brilliant. It measures 6 1/2″ wide and tall.

Exceptional Seven (almost) Inch Plate
Exceptional Seven
  •   $ 300 

I love these stems cut in Straus’s Imperial pattern – the form is beautiful and must have been quite difficult to acheive.  Cut in their Imperial pattern, Straus adapted the design perfectly to the shape. Please note the remarkable amount of detail just to the stem of the piece.

The Imperial pattern is a design composed of alternating panels of crosshatching and a hobstar with a fanned center. Each field is flanked on the lower portion with notched cutting while the fans flank the upper portion. The stem of the sherry is made up of three portions of glass which are each cut with multiple facets. The center knob and juxtaposition of all the components really stands out. The base is finished with a 12-point, clear-buttoned hobstar. It’s also worth noting that the mouth of the goblet flairs.

The stems are in perfect condition with the original rim. They are wood-wheel polished to perfection and measure 4 1/2″ tall and just over 2 1/8″″ across the base. I have 7 stems. Price is $45 each with quantity discounts available!

Straus Imperial Pattern Sherries
Straus Imperial Pattern
  •   $ 45 

This is an incredible chalice vase in an unknown pattern. The pattern is shown in Pearson’s Encyclopedia, Volume 1 but is unidentified. It was clearly designed by a master.

The main motif of this vase features a deep circular miter surrounding an unusual formation. The formation is made up of eight clear button hobstars surrounding a punty embedded in crosshatching. The crosshatching is unique in that it is not polished fully (like some of the earlier Hawkes and Libbey patterns). Dividing each of the circles is split feathered type of cutting topped with three leaves. Underneath the upper portion of the vase is a chain of cane connected by additional clear button hobstars. The neck of the vase is finished with a compressed hollow diamond cutting in addition to the lower portion being fluted and notched. There is also a highly desirable lapidary knob. The base is serrated and covered with a 24-point hobstar.

This vase is in excellent condition with only a few small flakes to the cutting. It measures 11 1/2″ tall and 5 1/2″ wide. It’s my opinion that this magnificent vase was likely cut by Clark.

Singular Chalice Vase with Punties
Singular Chalice Vase
  •   $ 650 

This platter is cut in Libbey’s own variation of the Ellsmere pattern – it is signed with the Libbey Sabre in the center. The blank is exceptionally clear which is evedent when looking at the deep miters around the edge. This piece is cut on the traditional Libbey 12″ plate blank and is pie shaped with the rise.

A hobstar lies in the center of this piece and is surrounded on all sides by six bursting fans. Lying further from the center are 6 large hobstars as well. The edge of the tray is absolutely stunning. The traditional border of the Ellsmere pattern is present with notched prism and crosshatching divided by deep miters. This cutting is divided six times around the edge by thick bands of triple-miter cane. It’s an incredible rim treatment which is unique to just this pattern.

The tray is in excellent condition – I only find 3 extremely small fleabites around the rim. The blank is spectacular and the edge just comes to life on the vibrant crystal. The plate measures 11 7/8″ in diamter and 1 7/8″ tall.

Beautiful Libbey Ellsmere Variation 12″ Plate
Beautiful Libbey
  •   $ 1,350 

This Dorflinger salad service is absolutely incredible! It may very well be in their Florentine pattern, but it’s quite difficult to tell because of the size and pattern manipulation. The amount of detail in the cutting with all the tiny tusks is stunning! Both pieces are marked Dorflinger on the metal. Each piece has a gorgeous air bubble stretched down the entire piece.

Two tusks surround a vesica of crosshatching on the handles of the set. Perched atop each set of tusks is a clear button 8-pointed hobstar. Fans divide out the rest of the pattern and the ends of each handle are finished with a deeply cut 8 pointed hobstar.

The condition of each piece is excellent with barely a fleabite on either. They measure just under 12″ long and 1 1/2″ tall. Truly a rare set with excellent work by the craftsman at Dorflinger.

Exceptional Dorflinger Florentine? Salad Service
Exceptional Dorflinger
  •   $ 650 

This is a beautiful compote cut by Pairpoint in their meteor pattern. The Meteor pattern really lets the glass “breathe” in that the pattern compliments the and exhibits the glass quality quite well.

Diamonds of notched prism adorn the perimeter of the bowl on this compote. They are separated by fan cutting and additional notched prism. Beneath the larger diamonds are fields of hobnail which frame the stem of the compote. The stem of the compote is made from a completely solid piece of glass (adding heft to the compote) and it is adorned with additional notched prism towards the top and is fluted and notched the rest of the way. The base is scalloped and contains a 24-point hobstar.

The compote is in excellent condition with the exception of one tiny clambshell chip on the base (visible in the photo). It measures 11 1/2″ tall and 7″ wide and is on a beautiful blank.

Elegant Pairpoint Meteor Tall Compote
Elegant Pairpoint
  •   $ 400 

This pitcher and tumblers are both cut in Libbey’s Sultana pattern. All five pieces are signed with the Libbey sabre mark. Libbey made the Sultana pattern considerably more elaborate on this pitcher adding several additional motifs.

Two large hobstars adorn the side of the pitcher. Strawberry-diamond cutting falls between each of these large hobstars and run into an unusual split crosshatched motif. This split crosshatching intersects with two flat hobstars. The rim of the pitcher is cut with the elaborate fans that the Sultana pattern is so well known for. The handle of the pitcher is triple notched and the base is finished with a rayed star. The tumblers also include a rayed star on the base.

The pitcher is in nearly perfect condition with one tiny flake on the spout. It measures 8 3/4″ tall and 5″ wide. Two of the tumblers are in mint condition. One of the others has a tiny nick at the rim and the other has a professionally touched up rim. Each tumbler measures 3 3/4″ tall and 3″ wide. Complete water sets are hard to come by and this one is offered at a bargain price for your consideration.

Lovely Libbey Sultana Water Set
Lovely Libbey Sultana
  •   $ 400 

This bowl has completely straight, angled sides forming almost a combination between a bowl and a tray. Straus managed to fit the University pattern perfectly on this piece and the edges undulate with the hobstar border of the pattern. It’s quite large and a impressive piece to behold.

The University pattern is made up of a formation of hobstars which comes to eight points. Seven of the hobstars are flat while the central one is deeply cut. The points of the formation are made up of 3 bars of parallel miter cutting. These run between eight deeply cut hobstars. You’ll see the the bowl perfectly mimics these hobstars in shape, providing an impressive and unusual display.
An identical bowl to this one was marked over $1500 at an ACGA convention a couple of years ago. This one is priced significantly less. It’s in wonderful condition with only some small chips in the very corners of the bowl – really hard to find and see. It measures an impressive 10 1/2″ long and over 3″ tall.

Awesome Straus University Square Bowl
Awesome Straus
  •   $ 900 

This pitcher, which was likely cut by J. Hoare, is a great example of the early portion of the Brilliant Period. It feautres many design elements that J. Hoare was fond of using early on – these types of hobstars, clear tusks and Russian cutting along with these fanned center hobstars. The pitcher is exceptionally heavy and clear.

This barrel shaped pitcher has a large 24-point fanned center hobstar on both sides and the front. These hobstars are divided by a band of cane, followed by a band of clear, convex tusk and finally a band of russian. The dynamic combination of motifs is really singular to this pattern. The handle is treated like Hoare often chose – fluted and notched and the spout is the same. The base of the pitcher features a large 24-point fanned center hobstar keeping the pattern completely parallel throughout.

This pitcher is extremely heavy and is wood-wheel polished to silky perfection. It measures 8 3/4″ tall and 6″ wide and is in perfect condition. The combination of early Hoare motifs on this pitcher really come through and leave a last impression for any onlooker of the piece.

Stellar Hoare Tusk Pitcher
Stellar Hoare Tusk
  •   $ 650 

These beautiful stems are cut in one of the nicest renditions of a triple-miter pattern I’ve seen. The cutting is exceptionally deep, especially for a stem and the glass quality is top-notch.

The triple miter design featured on these stems features three deep miters. The relief those miters make leaves large knobs which are covered in crosshatching. The precision it took to cut these is unfathomable. You can literally lie a portion of your finger in the channels created. The stems feature a lapidary knob with a long teardrop. The bases are covered with a very unusual hobstar which centers around an 8-pointed star with a clear button center.

The glasses are in perfect condition with their original, fire-polished rims. They measure 4 3/4″ tall, 3 7/8″ wide and can be purchased as a group for $250 or $75 each. There are four total.

(4) Intricate Triple Miter Champagnes
(4) Intricate Triple
  •   $ 250 

Libbey’s Fleur-de-lis pattern is a little known pattern and is quite rare. I can only count 4 pieces I’ve ever seen. I believe this piece to be early and it is not signed. The entire piece is wood-wheel polished with that silky radiant finish. The blank is unusual in that it’s both square and fold-over on all four sides.

The center of the bowl contains an 8-sided hobstar which is enclosed in a 8-point star formation. Alternating between the points are two motifs. One features an upside down 5-pointed star, which is a decidedly Anderson motif. The other motif involves a completely flat field of cane cutting – I have only ever seen this distinct motif on Libbey’s Kite pattern. The rest of the piece is finished in fans.

The bowl is in good condition but has some flaking in the fan cutting. It measures 9″ wide and 3 1/4″ tall. This is a great opportunity to own an extremely rare pattern for a bargain price.

Square Libbey Fleur-de-lis Bowl
Square Libbey
  •   $ 275 
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