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This charming loving cup has many similarities to a certain Libbey pattern featured on watersets and a stickdish. It is also simlar to some of Dorflinger’s notched prism patterns (Chester and Windsor).

The pattern of the loving cup is made up of a chain of alternating hobstar and kite-shaped fan. Extending from this chain are 4 vertical notched  prisms and for plane notched panels. The three handles are adorned with double notches cojoined by an “X” shaped motif. The base is covered with a beautiful and sharp 20-point hobstar.

The loving cup measures 5 1/8″ tall and 6″ wide (including handles). The blank is exceptionally clear and the handles are perfectly annealed which is a rarity within itself (most have heatchecks). The rest of the loving cup is also in pristine condition.

Libbey? Loving Cup
Libbey? Loving Cup
  •   $ 375 

This is a beautiful near-rectangular ice cream tray in Libbey’s seldom seen Leota pattern. The pattern shows quite well on this form and Libbey obviously put some of their best design effort into this pattern.

The Leota pattern consists of a central diamond field surrounding a 24-point hobstar. Adjacent to the diamond field is an unusual split-diamond motif featuring crosshatching.  The rest of the tray is covered in a plethora of both flat and multi-dimensional hobstars.

The tray in on a water white blank and radiates any light that hits it. It measures 15 1/4″ long and 9 5/8″ wide. Other than a couple of very tiny fleabites on the rim, the piece is in perfect condition. This tray is one of the best bargains on this site, so don’t miss out!

Libbey Leota Ice Cream Tray
Libbey Leota Ice Cream
  •   $ 750 

This carafe is practically smothered in some of Dorflinger’s finest – the Belmont Pattern. I seldom see this pattern and it’s certainly one of Dorflinger’s nicest.

The Belmont pattern consists of beautiful 8-point stars with crosshatching in between the points. The remainder of the pattern consists of diamond shaped fields featuring a variety of cutting. One diamond has a spread fan cutting. Another is a cross motif mixed with crosshatching. The upper portion of the decanter features fans and the base is covered in a Dorflinger-style 16-point hobstar. The neck of the carafe is fluted and notched. All of the cutting has the wonderful wood-wheel polished cutting you would come to expect of Dorflinger.

The carafe measures 8 1/4″ tall and 6 1/4″ wide. It’s in perfect condition with no chips or stains. This is a beautiful design by Dorflinger and it displays excellently on the ball form of this carafe.

Dorflinger Belmont Carafe
Dorflinger Belmont
  •   $ 300 

It does not get any rarer than this unsurpassed game plate by Sinclaire. Sinclaire made two forms of game plates-a set in birds, and a set in fish. There is only one place I know of that the plates can be seen and that is p. 94 in Rarities. The exact piece is shown on page 95 and is called “King Plower” however this is a misinterpretation because mine says “Ring Plover” on it. This might be the only one of these plates outside of the set shown in rarities! The plate is signed with the word “SINCLAIRE” on the top edge of the plate.

The plate exhibits the finest engraving done by any brilliant period glass house. The scene features the bird spreading its wings ready to take flight. The Plover is standing among some grass and taller brush. The engraving is so masterful you can see every piece feather and every blade of grass clearly. The words “Ring Plover are placed at about 7 o’clock on the plate. The border is done with leaves, branches, and acorns.

The plate is absolutely perfect in condition with the exception of some very minor scratches. The plate measures 9 ¼” wide and is just under 1” tall. A true rarity in ABP glass-few collections have one piece with engraving this fine.

The RAREST Sinclaire Engraved Game Plate SOLD
The RAREST Sinclaire
  •   $ 1,500 

This is a beautiful duckbill style decanter similar to the other one I currently have listed on this site. The pattern is similar to some of Straus’s work, but is actually made by the Shotton Cut Glass Company. The exact piece is shown in the Cut Glass Ad Books – Volume 4 on page SHO – 4.

Large, diamond-shaped hobstars are completely encompassed by notched prism. The prism is surround by additional straight line cutting and divided by a very unusual advanced form of cane. The rim has a particularly unusual decoration with crosshatching. The handle is double notched with a little cross in between each thumbprint. The base is covered in a rayed star.

If I had to guess, I think the stopper is a replacement, but a darned good one. The fit is good, it just sits a little too low in my opinion. The decanter measures 11″ tall and 5 3/4″ wide and is in great condition.

Nice Duckbill Decanter – Shotton Cut Glass
Nice Duckbill Decanter
  •   $ 500 

This is only the second handled flower center I’ve ever seen. It’s nice to see a riff on an old classic shape.

The pattern on this piece has an unusual set up. Diamond fields of cane are topped with crosshatching which is surrounded by scalloped notching. The handles are triple notched and perfectly annealed. The neck has step cutting up the entire piece. The base is covered with a rayed star. If I had to guess, I’d say this piece was a product of Hoare.

The flower center measures 5 1/4″ tall, 6 1/4″ diameter and 8 1/2″ at the handles. It’s in perfect condition and free of any flaws.

Rare! Handled Flower Center
Rare! Handled Flower
  •   $ 600 

This cologne bottle truely exemplifies what rock crystal can be at its best. Both the stopper and bottle are signed Hawkes and I believe the silver is marked Gorham (photo included)

Since it’s primarily realistic work and there isn’t much technical language for engraving, I will let the pictures do the talking. The copper-wheel engraving is stellar and I particularly like the clear tusk/engraving combination. It makes the piece look like a suspended state of falling water. The St. Louis Diamond only adds to the elegance of this bottle.

The piece is in perfect condition except for a few tiny nicks to the base of the stopper. The cologne measures 7 1/4″ tall by 5″ wide and is quite heavy for it’s size – a very thick blank.

Hawkes Rock Crystal Cologne Bottle
Hawkes Rock Crystal
  •   $ 750 

This is a lovely short pitcher in Clark’s Genoa pattern. The pattern is shown many times in the ACGA Clark catalog reprints. I can’t seem to find a signature, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s signed as Clark’s signatures were often faint.

The Genoa pattern is made up of one main, large 18-point hobstar surrounded by triangular fields of crosshatching. In between each of these large sections are panels of 3 flat hobstars and 3 flat fans. The base is covered in a really beautiful 24-point hobstar. The handle is double notched.

The pitcher measures 8 1/4″ high by 5 1/2″ wide and is on a great blank that is in line with some of Clark’s best work.

Fiery Pitcher in Clark’s Genoa
Fiery Pitcher in
  •   $ 350 

These are 4 very unusual shell-shaped nut dishes? Shell shaped piece have always been very rare and desirable for their whimsical and curious display. These are no exception.

These shells consist of 4 vertical bands of hobnail, divided by notching. The edge portion is covered in crosshatching all the way up to the teeth and the thumb rest is also cut with crosshatching.

The shells are in nearly perfect condition. They measure 5″ long, 5 3/4″ wide, and 1 1/2″ tall.

Whimsical Shell Nut Dishes
Whimsical Shell Nut
  •   $ 400 
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