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This is a particularly well-cut celery dish. Unfortunately, it’s on a figured blank and thusly, the quality of glass is not as good as most of the pieces on

The center part of the pattern consists of a cross of 4 bands of crosshatching. Richly cut hobstars adorn the outer perimeter of the celery and bands of hobnail topped with hobstars contorts to the rest of the pattern. The main draw to this pattern are two medallions of DEEP Persian cutting. The cutting is so deep that the relief leaves large knob where the hobstars are.

Unfortunately, this piece is not in perfect condition – the Persian medallions have a fair amount of roughness and there is one small flake to the rim. The celery measures 11 ½” long, 5 ½” wide and 2” tall.

Unusual Persian Medallion Celery Dish
Unusual Persian
  •   $ 65 

While I’m fairly certain this piece was not cut by Libbey, it is setup up in a manner that is extremely similar to their Aztec pattern.

The central square hobstar is surrounded by four loops of vesicas. These vesica are composed of crosshatching which meet a field of hobnail. The vesicas are filled with cane. 3- bands of hobstar, notch prism and fans also shoot forth from the center of the bowl.

This low bowl is in excellent condition but does have a few tiny rough spots around the rim. The piece measures 8″ wide and 2″ tall.

Unusual Aztec Like Bowl
Unusual Aztec Like Bowl
  •   $ 350 

This is a small but cute item made signed Hawkes. The piece features what is essentially a single hobstar. There is a deep miter and coined rim.

The dish measures 7 3/4″ long and 4 3/4″ tall. The piece is in fair condition with some minor chips around the deep miter edge and the price reflects this.

Hawkes Oval Hobstar Dish
Hawkes Oval Hobstar Dish
  •   $ 50 

This is a very heavy (8 lb) champagne pitcher in what is an unknown pattern to me. The cutting looks like Hoare or Clark but those are just two shots in the dark.

The cutting on this pitcher is sharp enough to cut your hand on – even by gently handling it. The fine, sharp prism cutting extends up the almost hourglass-like blank until it reaches diamond fields of fan and a large hobstar. Elongated bands of crosshatching also reach from the bottom fully to the top. The base of the pitcher is covered with a beautiful 24-point hobstar and the handle is triple notched. The spout is fluted and notched.

This elegant form measures a proud 12 3/4″ tall and 6 1/4″ wide at the base. It’s in perfect condition with some minor scratches to the base – which is to be expected of such a heavy piece.

Very Large and Heavy Champagne Pitcher
Very Large and Heavy
  •   $ 750 

Such a beautiful stem in an extremely rare pattern by Hawkes. This pattern was also cut by Dorflinger but due to the base treatment on this stem, I attribute it to Hawkes.

The Cobweb pattern literally looks like a cobweb dangling from fields of strawberry-diamond cutting. Many miters come together to form deep channeled hobs. The stem is particularly nice with a lapidary know and an air-trap stem! The base is finished with a beautiful 14-point hobstar with split points. The smudge you see on the last picture is actually just stickum’ from a label and is not part of the glass.

The cordial measures just under 4 1/2″ tall and 2 1/8″ across the top. It’s in perfect condition with the original annealed rim fully intact. The glass is extremely clear with a beautiful wood wheel polish.

Hawkes or Dorflinger Cobweb Cordial
Hawkes or Dorflinger
  •   $ 100 

Very unusual to find these deep bowl compotes-most are low bowl shaped. This one is in Elmira’s #33 pattern.

The 33 pattern is made up of panels of crosshatching extending vertically down the bowl. In between each cross-hatched panel is a large 16-point hobstar. The neck of this piece is beautiful in its own right and is fluted and notched with an enormous air trap. The base of the compote is finished in a very unusual 16-point hobstar.

The compote is in pristine condition on a bright and clear blank and measures 9 1/4″ tall and 6″ wide.

Elmira No. 33 Deep Compote
Elmira No. 33 Deep
  •   $ 425 

In terms of cruets, it doesn’t get much better than this one in Hawkes’ Venetian pattern.

The Venetian pattern conforms very nicely to this bulbous cruet and wraps around the entire base of this piece.  A chain of 8-pointed hobstars wraps around the upper portion of the cruet. This chain is met by extended split-vesicas of crosshatching which stretch all the way to the base of the cruet. The handle is triple notched, which is an extremely nice touch on a smaller piece!

Aside from a tiny fleabite in the cutting, this cruet is in tip-top shape. It measures 5 1/2″ high and just under 4″ wide. A lovely cabinet piece!

Hawkes’ Venetian Cruet
Hawkes’ Venetian
  •   $ 175 

This is a really nice 7″ plate in Libbey’s Kimberly pattern. Most of Kimberly is unsigned due to the fact that it was made prior to the advent of signatures on cut glass. Consequently, the plate is wood-wheel polished like much of Libbey’s fine early work.

The main component of the Kimberly pattern is a large 6-pointed star formation. This formation is made up of crosshatching surrounded by double miters. Deeply cut hobstars sit between the points of the 6-pointed star. Small bits of fan adorn the hobstars.

The plate is in perfect condition with hardly a scratch on it. It measures 7″ wide and 1 3/8″ tall. The blank is consistent with that of other pieces of Kimberly – perfectly clear and bright.

Nice Libbey 7″ Plate in Kimberly
Nice Libbey 7″
  •   $ 275 

While this pitcher is very similar to Sylph by Monroe, it is cut in Bergen’s Ivy pattern..

This pattern consists of a central band of Hobstar divided by “double-helixed,” (I’m taking credit for that term!) bands of crosshatching. Shooting out from either side of the central band are alternating panels of notched prism and clear, sharp panels. The handle is finished in a technique featuring flutes, notching and a parallel set of 3 lines. The base is finished with a well cut 24-point hobstar.

This pitcher is on an exceptionally clear blank and the cutting is wood wheel polished to mirror-like perfection. There is no damage to the pitcher and it measures 9 1/4″ high, 5 1/2″ diameter at the base, and 4 1/4″ across the top.

Wonderfully Clear Bergen Ivy Pitcher
Wonderfully Clear
  •   $ 500 

This elegantly shaped carafe was cut by Dorflinger in their Marlboro pattern. The blank really lends itself to this pattern and truly puts standard shaped carafes to shame.

The Marlboro pattern consists of several 8-pointed stars with crosshatching between each point.Alternating panels of crosshatching and fan drift down the rest of the perimeter of the carafe which finish out the lovely pattern. The base is finished with a HUGE 24-point hobstar!

The carafe is in perfect condition with no chips or stains and measures 8 3/4″ tall and 5 1/2″ wide. It’s on a beautiful, heavy blank and the cutting is wood polished as you would expect by Dorflinger.

Dorflinger Marlboro Bell Shaped Carafe
Dorflinger Marlboro
  •   $ 350 

What a beauty this is?! This is a very large Roseglobe in the rare and seldom seen Savoy pattern by Dorflinger.

The Savoy pattern is made up of four very deeply and accurately cut 24-point hobstars. The hobstars are divided by beading and a vesica featuring a flat hobstar in the top half and a fan in the lower portion. Crosshatching leads to the bottom of the piece where the most fascinating part of this piece is located. It features 8 TUSKS (one of the most difficult motifs of the period) divided by more beading which meet in the center at four fanned fields.

All of the cutting on this piece is wood wheel polished in only the way that Dorflinger could. This smooth and vibrant craftsmanship really makes the Savoy pattern pop. The blank is very heavy and clear and the cutting quite deep, which can be seen in the overhead photo. The globe measures a very large 7″ in diameter and 5 7/8″ tall. It is in near-mint condition with one or two tiny flakes in the pattern. There is also some very minor scratching on the base where the piece rests on the tusks.

Spectacular Dorflinger Savoy Roseglobe – SOLD
Spectacular Dorflinger
  •   $  

I have only seen this pattern on one other occasion and it was on a beautiful bowling pin vase. The quality of glass is of the finest clarity and exhibits all of the difficult clear tusks masterfully.

The pattern is made up of  6 large, clear tusks traced in loops of notched cutting. Radiating from the notching is fine feathering cutting that almost resembles a flame. The center of the bowl has a well cut pinwheel as do all of the recessions between the loops of tusk.

The bowl is in nearly perfect condition with one tiny chip to the notched cutting, toward the base of the bowl. This piece measures 8 1/4″ wide and 3 1/4″ tall and is on of the nicest blanks.

Beautiful Bowl with Tusk and Pinwheel
Beautiful Bowl with
  •   $ 250 
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