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This bowl or tray, in Libbey’s Princess pattern, is a particularly unusual blank by the Libbey glass company. This is an early piece, with wood-wheel polish and is therefore, not signed.

The Princess pattern is an exercise in classic cut glass design.  Two main panels alternate with one another and are separated by fan cutting. The first panel is made up of three sections of crosshatching and one section of an unusual and very Libbey crosscut. The other type of panel is made up of strawberry-diamond cutting. Under each of these fields is either deep miters or additional crosshathcing. The center of the piece is finished off with a beautiful 16-point hobstar.

This bowl is quite heavy and measures 10 1/8″ at the widest and 2″ tall. It’s in perfect condition save for a few fleabites in the pattern. This is a great opportunity to own a large piece, in a known pattern, for a meager price!

Lovely Libbey Princess Tri-lobe Bowl/Tray
Lovely Libbey Princess
  •   $ 325 

This is a champagne cooler in a pattern I’ve never seen. Because of the combination of certain motifs and cutting, I’d attribute it to Meriden.

Huge 8-pointed rajah stars cover either side of this cooler. The points of the star are filled with crosshatching and the center is a full hobstar. In between the points of star are sprouting notched-prism (a use of that cutting I have never seen). The other cutting involved in this pattern is two stacked hobstars with crosshatched centers. Two fields of fans divide these hobstars. The base of the hobstar is champagne cooler is covered in a rayed star.

The cooler measures 5 1/4″ tall, 5 3/4″ wide at the top and 3 7/8″ at the base. The cooler is in perfect condition with only some minor scratching to the base and interior.

Meriden? Champagne Cooler
Meriden? Champagne
  •   $ 275 

This beautiful knife rest is signed with the word J. Hoare. They cut this blank in this prism pattern adn Monarch. Apparently these came in a few varieties of air-traps. Some just have the tears in both ends, some are solid, and some (like this one) have a fully extended air bubble from each end. It probably took a very skilled blower to achieve such a controlled specimen.

The knife rest is covered in two types of prism – one featuring parallel lines and one with deeper, scooped portions. The shaft of the piece is beveled and notched also. These signed, known to be American knife rests are highly collectible and rare! It is even more seldom to see the Hoare ones.

This piece is quite large and I’ve photographed it next to a quarter for size comparison purposes. It measures 5 7/8″ long and 2″ high. The glass is exceptionally clear and heavy – a true beauty to add to your collection. I have three of these with the other two in rougher condition.

Imposing J. Hoare Knife Rest – I have 3
Imposing J. Hoare Knife
  •   $ 175 

This is a particularly unusual plate. I think it was made by J. Hoare since the center hobstar is similar to much of their work.

the center hobstar is cut with crosshatched tips and fans between each point. The amound of work in that one tiny hobstar is incredible. Large fields of cane and and unknown cutting make up a majority of the pattern. The unknown cutting is like strawberry diamond except that the miters are actually larger, clear channels and the diamonds are actually fanned fully. The rest of the pattern is made up of crosshatching and fan.

The plate measures 6 1/4″ and 1″ tall. It’s in great condition with just some minor fleabites around the rim.

Hoare? Ice Cream Plate
Hoare? Ice Cream Plate
  •   $ 100 

I have never seen this pattern before, but it seems like something Meriden may have done as they often used the hexad motif.

This set combines an almost shagbark like engraving with a vesica of hexad cutting. The contrast between the realistic engraving and geometric cutting is extremely tasteful. The bases of the salt and pepper are covered with a rayed star and the caps are marked sterling.

The salt and pepper are in perfect condition and measure 3″ tall and 2″ wide. The glass is perfectly clear without the typical salt stained shaker.

Unique Sterling Salt and Pepper – Meriden?
Unique Sterling Salt
  •   $ 100 

This is an elegant water set in Libbey’s Corona (formerly known as Spillane) pattern. All pieces are signed with the Libbey Saber mark.

The Corona pattern consists of two main portions. The first portion is made up of a large vesica of two hobstars. Each hobstar is topped off with checking and divided by crosshatching. The other portion of the pattern is made up of 4 vertical bands of notched prism. Weaving among these bands are deep clear miters and the bands are sandwiched by additional hobstars and checking. The base of the pitcher is finished wiht a rayed star and the handle is triple notched. The pitcher is quite heavy and has a thick, almost paperweight like base – a really impressive touch.

The pitcher measures 11 5/8″ tall and 5 1/4″ wide and tumblers just under 4″ tall and 3″ wide. All pieces are perfect with the exception of just the tiniest amount of pattern roughness to the base of two of the tubmlers (this is extremely minimal). I beautiful, hard to find set!

Fabulous Libbey Corona Water Set
Fabulous Libbey Corona
  •   $ 800 

This is a wonderful rectangular tray which is signed Hawkes. It’s also cut with Hawkes U-notches on the rim. The funny thing about the piece is it’s clearly in Elmira’s No. 17 pattern as it’s clearly picture in the catalog. I have seen two more of these trays also signed Hawkes – it appears one company was contracting out the other for this piece.

The center of this tray consists of a very unusual six-point star formation made up of cane, crosshatching, and fans. Each one of the points of this formations is almost rounded out with vesicas of crosshatching. Falling in between each point of the 6-point star are large, richly cut hobstars.

This beautiful piece in perfect condition with the exception of one tiny sliver chip in the recession of the teeth – otherwise it’s pristine. It measures 14 1/4″ wide, 8″ wide, and 2″ tall.

Beautiful Hawkes/Elmira Ice Cream Tray
Beautiful Hawkes/Elmira
  •   $ 700 

This is a beautiful ice cream tray in an unknown pattern. The blank quality and cutting is exceptionally high quality, so it was most likely made by one of the premier manufacturers of the period!

The pattern consists of a central star of David formation surrounding a hobstar. The points of hte formation are made up of flat hobnail which are surrounded by another layer of crosshatching and cane. Beautiful propellor-like vesicas divide the rest of the pattern which is made up of large hobstars. The ends of the tray have two particularly lovely and unsually shaped hobstars. They are quite sharp.

The tray measures 14 1/4″ long, 7 3/4″ wide and 2 1/2″ tall. Again, I can express how beautiful and clear the blank of this piece is. There is hardly any damage-just some small fleabites in the cutting and one or two on the edge. This piece is worth far more than what I’m asking, so don’t miss out.

Lovely Oblong Ice Cream Platter
Lovely Oblong Ice Cream
  •   $ 325 

What an awesome shape this is – a pedestaled vase with a ruffled rim. The shape and cutting on this piece are sublime and meld perfectly. The pattern is very close to their No. 136 pattern and may, in fact, match that patent.

The vase is covered with vertical chains of rajah hobstars. The next panel of cutting features a large vesica of hobnail attached to two 6-point hobstars. The top of the vase is ruffled and the base features a scalloped 12-point hobstar.

The vase is in perfect condition and measures 11 ¾” tall and 5 ¾” across the top.

Very Unusual Pedstaled Vase by Meriden
Very Unusual Pedstaled
  •   $ 400 

In a time when more and more colored pieces are being proven to be foreign, it’s nice to find one that you can feel almost certain is American. This bowl is in a pattern very similar to Bergen’s Bedford pattern.

The bowl features an 18-point hobstar engulfed in a hexagon of green. Surrounding this central hobstar are 6 hobstars divided by two panels of vertical notched prism. The edge of the bowl is finished with a very unusual inverted fan motif.

The green on this bowl is very vibrant and not weak like many of the other green pieces I’ve come across. It is in perfect conditon with no chips of flakes. The bowl measures 8” in diameter and 4” tall and has a wonderful wood wheel polish. Again, colored pieces are the most popular and valuable item in cut glass – very few American pieces exist!

Rare Green Cut to Clear Bowl – Bergen?
Rare Green Cut to Clear
  •   $ 2,150 

This is a beautiful chalice shaped vase by Kelly and Steinman in their Norway pattern. The exact vase is pictured in the American Brilliant Period Cut Glass Advertisements by Rob & Valerie Smith on page KEL-10.

This pattern lends itself to this elegant form. Large descending columns of hobstars decrease in size down the vase. These hobstars meet a field of strawberry-diamond and one additional hobstar. These columns repeat themselves around the entire vase. There is a faceted ball at the base of the vase. The ball connects to a beautifully scalloped base with a 24-point hobstar.

The vase is in excellent condition and measures 12 ¼” tall and 5” wide. An elegant shape for your collection.

Chalice Vase in Kelly & Steinman’s Norway
Chalice Vase in Kelly
  •   $ 950 

This cute little cologne is by Libbey and is signed with the saber mark.

The pattern consists of vertically notched bars intermingled with deep-scalloped clear panels. The contrasting busy and clear cutting really manage to show off the high quality of glass. The base is finished with a rayed star.

The cologne is in perfect condition and measures 5 ½” tall and 3 ¼”.

Beautiful Libbey Cologne
Beautiful Libbey Cologne
  •   $ 175 
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