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This gigantic bowl was cut by Straus in their highly-skilled Ducal design. Clear tusks, one of the most difficult motifs to cut, are displayed prominently all over the bowl. The crimped shape, in addition to the size, adds to the rarity.

This bowl features three large wedding-cake hobstars on flaried out portions. Separating each hobstar are vesicas which pair three, clear tusks surrounded by notched prism. The two tusks are connected by two 8-point stars embraced on either end with fans. Clear tusks were one of the hardest motifs of the Brilliant Period to achieve-requiring the naked eye of the cutter to achieve their perfect, icicle-like roundness.  It’s also very neat how the Ducal pattern doesn’t center around a hobstar, but rather converges in the center.

The bowl is a full 13″ wide and 4 1/2″ tall. It’s in perfect condition and wood-wheel polished to a silky brilliance.

Enormous Straus Ducal Star Shaped Bowl
Enormous Straus Ducal
  •   $ 1,500 

This 7″ plate is cut and signed by Hawkes. It’s in a design I’ve never seen, but features their style from the center to the very edge.

The plate features a central 20-point hobstar. Ten 8-point, clear-button hobstars adorn the edge of the piece each divided by a modified kohinoor-style cane. Crosshatched fields cover the rest of the design right before the central star.

The plate measures 7″ wide and and 1″ tall. It’s in perfect condition. 7″ plates have always been highly collectible as they show off great patterns in a small, collectible size.

Hawkes 7″ Plate with Unknown Design
Hawkes 7″ Plate
  •   $ 125 

This blank is pictured in some Libbey Advertisements and is cut in Libbey’s Corona (aka Spillane) design. It is signed by Libbey with their sabre-trademark.

The compote has a vesica of stacked hobstars divided with crosshatching and topped with checking. The rest of the design features the most identifiable portion of the pattern – 4 bars of notching are crossed with deep miters. The crosses form the border to two flat hobstar with adjacent checking. This motif is framed by curved bands of notching. The elegant stem of this piece has a large clear bubble with flutes and notches leading to a lapidary band. The base is finished with a rayed star.

This large piece measures 10″ tall and 10″ wide and is in perfect condition – it is particularly unusual to find a compote of this size and I rarely see this blank shape.

Excellent Large Libbey Corona Compote or Cake Plate
Excellent Large Libbey
  •   $ 700 

This pitcher is so finally detailed, it really makes one wonder how these cutters didn’t go crosseyed after a day’s work. This piece is cut in Meriden’s 161 design – one of their most coveted and hardest to find.  The 161 pattern is particularly striking, especially on this pitcher.

Four bands of cutting spur from the center of the pitcher – they include two bands of cane on either side of a clear-button hobstar chain. The hobstar chains are surrounded on either side by tight, detailed checking. In the very center of the design is additional clear button hobstar with more checking. What’s stunning about this picture is how the pattern symmetrically repeats itself on the lower portion of the piece. It almost looks like a sunset reflecting off the ocean. The center and back quarters of the pitcher feature a long vesica with three deeply stacked hobstars divided by checking. The vesica sits atop a large, star of David. The handle of the pitcher is triple-notched. The base of the pitcher is finished with a rayed star.

The blank on the pitcher is beautiful and really allows the meticulous cutting pop off the glass. It measures 10 1/4″ tall and 6 1/4″ wide. It’s in perfect condition with hardly a scratch on it. After seeing and handling this pitcher, it’s no mystery as why this pattern remains so popular with collectors – it’s particularly well done and shows so well on this form.

Massive Meriden 161 Pitcher
Massive Meriden 161
  •   $ 850 

This is a seldom-seen pattern. Signed by Libbey, this bowl shows off some unusual design elements – actually similar to Anderson’s Fredricka pattern with American Cut Glass.

The center of the bowl features a 6-point hobstar  formation with crosshatched points. There edge of the bowl alternates – one field features a deep hobstar with both strawberry-diamond cutting beneath and above it. The other formation features a 5 point star with clear center and crosshatching between two of the points. This star is surrounded on all sides by fan cutting.

The overall effect of this design is stunning and unusual. The piece is in immaculate condition, on a beautiful blown blank measuring 9″ wide and 2″ tall.

Libbey Waverly Low Bowl
Libbey Waverly Low Bowl
  •   $ 275 

This gorgeous tray was cut in Clark’s Magnolia pattern. The tray is signed in the center with the Clark script logo.

I adore this shape. Pockets towards the edge of the tray envelop large, deep hobstars. The center of the tray features interconnected vesicas. The vesicas are made up of a crossed-crosshatching and encase a fan-buttoned cane cutting. Even more impressive are tiny, thin tusks cut in the center of the piece that makeup the outline of the vesicas!

The tray is in exceptional condition and measures 15 3/4″ long, 9 1/2″ wide, and 2″ tall. This is a wonderfully, unique shape for a tray – one that will clearly standout in any collection.

Clark Magnolia Blowout Ice Cream Tray
Clark Magnolia Blowout
  •   $ 850 

These decanters speak for themselves – cut in Clark’s Mercedes design with pattern-cut stoppers. They’re both signed Clark with the script logo.

Your eye is immediately drawn to the stoppers on this piece – fully cut in the pattern and a hobstar at the top. Large hobstars adorn the body of the decanter. In between each hobstar is a formation featuring full fan cutting, crosshatching, and a clear-button hobstar.. Each of the large hobstars is dopped with a smaller, precisely cut hobstars. Zipper cutting leads up from the main portion of the pattern leading to a lapidary knob neck.

Simply put, these decanters couldn’t have more going for them – the shape and stoppers, along with top notch cutting are unbeatable. They’re in perfect condition and measure 15″ tall and 6″ wide.

Spectacular Pair of Clark Mercedes Decanters
Spectacular Pair of
  •   $ 3,750 

This is a wonderful, large tray cut in Expanding Star. The Expanding Star design varies greatly in quality – I attribute this to different firms cutting this design and time periods when produced. I have often heard this people attribute this pattern to Libbey or Elite. I do not thing this version was done by either, but the blank was likely produced by Libbey. I have never seen a nicer piece in Expanding Star than this tray – the cutting and glass quality are up there with the best.

As the name suggests, Expanding Star is just that – the pattern is made up of a giant expanding star. The center of the tray has a circular star formation made of a flat hobstar and three-dimensional crosshatched fields. Several deep miters intersect and make the pattern all the more complex. Further outward in the expansion are pairs of two flat, Christmas-style hobstar, which eventually lead to clear-button hobstars framed by fans. In between each point of the overall star, lies a rich, deeply-cut hobstar.

The tray is in immaculate condition and measures . This pattern was never done better than it was on this piece, and it’s a prime example of American Brilliant Cut Glass.

Impressive Expanding Star Ice Cream Tray
Impressive Expanding
  •   $ 2,500 

This is my favorite shaped compote blank – a heavy, paper-weight petticoat base compote done by Libbey. It is cut in their Princess pattern – an early pattern that is often unsigned as a result of the years produced.

The Princess pattern is an exercise in classic cut glass design.  Two main panels alternate with one another and are separated by fan cutting. The first panel is made up of three sections of crosshatching and one section of an unusual and very Libbey crosscut. The other type of panel is made up of strawberry-diamond cutting. Under each of these fields is either deep miters or additional crosshatching. The neck of the piece is faceted and notched. The base is finished with an 18-point hobstar.

The piece is in excellent original condition with one tiny fleck at the base. The compote measures 7 1/8″ wide and 4 7/8″ tall.

Unique Libbey Compote in Princess Pattern
Unique Libbey Compote
  •   $ 325 

This very unusual pitcher was made by Libbey and is signed with their trademark. It’s extremely unusual in that it has a monogram on either side integrated into the pattern. The engraving reads ‘M.H.’ Clearly this piece was a one-off, special order.

The Ellsmere pattern adapts excellently to the shape of this pitcher. A flat hobstar is flanked on either side by two bands of triple-miter cane. Rising from this area toward the center of the pitcher is fine crosshatching met with deeply cut notched prism. The handle is triple notched and the base is finished with a 20-point hobstar.

The pitcher is in perfect condition and measures Presentation pieces like this are always embraced by collectors as examples of what the artists were able to achieve during the Brilliant Period. It measures 7″ high and 5″ wide.

Singular Libbey Ellsmere Presentation Pitcher
Singular Libbey
  •   $ 650 

I adore this shape that the master craftsmen and Meridn made. The humidor pinches in ever-so-slightly in the center between the Greek Key border and rest of the pattern. The sterling silver lid is marked Wilcox and is monogrammed on the handle.

The Greek Key motif links itself around the top portion of this tobacco holder – making this easily identifiable design completely recognizable. The rest pof the pattern continues down the humidor with chains of hobstar and bands of cane. The base is finished with a rayed star base. Please not how deep the cutting is on the base photo – the miters easily going into the more than half the thickness of the blank.

The humidor is in perfect condition and measures 7 1/4″ and 3 3/4″ wide. The gorgeous combination of silver and cut glass along with one of the most desirable patterns of the period makes this piece highly sought after.

Handsome Meriden Alhambra (Greek Key) Humidor w/ Silver Lid
Handsome Meriden
  •   $ 850 

This is a pattern I seldom see – named Tiffany by someone years ago, it is not actually an identified design. It features rich, lapidary cut centers of hobstars that show off cutting precision, depth, and clarity of the glass itself.

The main motif are huge hobstars with pointy, lapidary centers. Each of these hobstars is framed with two stacked hobstars. These hobstars are separated by a very unusual crosshatching and fan motif that I haven’t seen before. The base of this hobstar stack is held together with deep, horizontal cane. The collar of the neck is finished in cane as well. The plug of the bowl is also finished in a lapidary-center hobstar!

The blank of the punchbowl is exceptional – showing off both the brilliant cutting and clear areas in the pattern. The punch bowl measures 13″ wide and 14 1/4″ tall.

Rare Tiffany Pattern Magnificent Punch Bowl
Rare Tiffany Pattern
  •   $ 3,200 
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