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This blank, used specifically by Libbey, is cut in their Harvard design. This shape is so unsuual with an extra heavy base for absolutely no-toppling The exact piece is shown in the Libbey compendium catalog reproduced by the ACGA.

The Harvard pattern has two main diamond-shaped fields that feature two different motifs. One is cut with crosshatching surrounded by clear panels on all sides, while the other features strawberry-diamond cutting. There are also large fields of a diamond fan and both the top and bottom have fun cutting. The base is cut in pattern with an unusual star formation featured on Libbey’s Harvard.

This piece in in perfect condition and measures 11 1/4″ and 7″ wide! The blank is stunningly clear as should be expected of early Libbey glass.

Rare Libbey Harvard Ring Neck Vase – SOLD
Rare Libbey Harvard
  •   $  

This is one of the finest pieces of cut glass, and certainly color, I’ve ever had the opportunity to offer. This oversize tankard, cased cranberry cut to clear, was made by Dorflinger in their ever-desirable No. 99 design. Dorflinger often reserved this pattern for some of their best pieces of color – and this one is no exception. Adding more draw to the piece is an elaborate Tiffany & Co collar.

The color shown is a vibrant, American cranberry and the precision with which the piece is cut is unparalleled.  Bands of deeply cut cane are divided by notching where Dorflinger was still able to leave some of the color on this narrow motif. A chain of hobstars drapes down the sides and front of the pitcher as well – each hobstar center highlighted with a light fan to show off more color. All of the cranberry remains in tact along the base where a richly cut, 24-point hobstar can be found. The handle is cut in the old Dorflinger style of one thick, long band of cane. The Tiffany collar of this piece is extravagant and fit only for a piece of this caliber. Heavy, detailed grape vines extend across the lower edge with a dramatic sweep of the rim as it moves towards the handle. The lip of the pitcher is monogrammed with what appears to be, “MLC.” Possibly a relative of Charles T Cook for whom another similar pitcher was made.
This piece should not be considered without knowing that another important and extremely similar piece sold in 2008 (one of our country’s worst economic times). At a Woody Auction in St. Charles, Missouri, a different shaped pitcher, also cranberry cut to clear by Dorflinger in No. 99 with nearly the same Tiffany collar sold for $49,000. It is now regarded as one of the most valuable pieces of Dorflinger glass.. That pitcher was said to have been made as a presentation piece for the president of Tiffany at the time.
This pitcher measures 14 3/4″ tall, 6 1/2″ across the spout, 5 1/2″ across the base. It weighs 7 pounds and is in mint condition with the exception of one tiny nip in the handle cutting.

Please inquire for pricing.

A Most Incredible Dorflinger Cranberry Cut to Clear with Tiffany Silver Tankard – SOLD
A Most Incredible
  •   $  

This is one of the finer examples of Hawkes Gravic I’ve had the opportunity to sell. As a general rule, when there’s polished Gravic engraving, with this type of vine around the edge, you’re looking at a higher quality piece of Gravic work. The base of the tazza is signed with the Hawkes Gravic trademark.

Deep apples adorn the perimeter of this tazza. These apples are so remarkably deep and well-polished. It’s hard to believe that someone had to achieve this with just their hands and eyes. Stylized stems and leaves drape from the rim/vine and connect the dangling apples with the rest of the piece. The base is finished with these types of leaves as well.

The tazza is quite large, measuring 9 1/4″ wide and 6″ tall. It’s in perfect condition with hardly a scratch on it on a thick, clear blank.

Very Large Hawkes Gravic Apple Tazza
Very Large Hawkes
  •   $ 800 

This unusually shaped pitcher was cut by Bergen in their well-done, early Continental design. It is completely wood-wheel polished and has that shimmery, smooth finish that the early portion of the ABP is known for.

The Continental pattern is set up in repeating rows of 8 pointed stars with jeweled centers. The next row is pointed crosshatching and clear 5-pointed star formation. The spout and upper portion of the pitcher are cut in a manner that I think is specifically done by Bergen only – I’ve only ever seen this cut on a cornucopia pitcher also. The handle is completely cut in pattern and the base is finished with a rayed star.

The piece is in excellent condition

Great Old, Detailed Bergen Continental Pitcher
Great Old, Detailed
  •   $ 375 

This rare, early design was done by Hoare. It’s likely this was a Hoare blank – I have only ever seen them cut it.

Cane provides the main framework for the pattern – housing hobstars topped with fields of fan cutting. Smaller hobstars connect the rest of the pattern together at the base of the cane. One of the main draws of the pattern is the vesica featuring a clear tusk (one of the most difficult motifs to cut) which look like gorgeous, clear icicles placed within the busy pattern. These tusks extend and pierce the center of the bowl. Rich, sharp hobstars sit between each point of the pattern at the edge.

The piece is in perfect condition and measures 9″ wide and a deep 5 1/2″ tall.

Giant Hoare Eleanor Ice Bucket
Giant Hoare Eleanor Ice
  •   $ 800 

This 7″ plate is one of the nicest I’ve ever offered. It’s in an unknown pattern that I have only seen a handful of times – each piece nicer than the next.

The center wedding-cake hobstar on this piece is framed by an unusual double miter 6-sided field. THere are three large vesicas coming off the center that feature rays of cane and 4 grouped, flat hobstars. Surrounding the hobstars is a fan of strawberry diamond cutting – something I always stress is almost always used on pieces of high quality. Three larger wedding-cake styal hobstars adorn the edge of the piece.

The blank on this plate is second to none – exceptionally clear and vibrant. The plate is in excellent condition with two tiny nicks and measures 7″ wide and 3/4″ tall. This is one of the finest plates I’ve offered in some time.

Highly Detailed 7″ Plate
Highly Detailed
  •   $ 750 

This low bowl was cut in a pattern very similar to Meriden’s Byzantine. The effect and motifs are akin to each other and the overall look of the piece is really eye catching.

Two main components weave around the rim of the bowl – the first is the most identifiable – a long band of crosshatching with clear punties adorning it drapes across the bowl. These cross points of cane, hobnail and a flat hobstar. The center of the bowl features a 6-point hobstar star formation with cane in the points and  3 deeply cut hobstars.

The bowl is in perfect condition and measures 8″ wide and 2″ tall.

Unusual Byzantine Variation Low Bowl
Unusual Byzantine
  •   $ 375 

This orange bowl is a design very similar to Sinclaire’s Assyrian but is actually in the Ribbon design by Niagara cut glass. It features clear channel cutting moving between hobstars. The rim is finished in an unusual squared off way and the center features a deep hobstar.

The Orange bowl is in great shape with high sides on both ends. It measures 7 1/2″ long, 4 1/2″ tall and 5″ wide.

Orange Bowl in Ribbon by Niagara
Orange Bowl in Ribbon
  •   $ 500 

This jug was engraved by Sinclaire and features a particularly unusual handle. The piece is signed with the Sinclaire logo.

The unusual piece features a ribbed exterior with flowers, stems and leaves copper wheel engraved and polished. Sinclaire went the extra mile with this unusual block handle and engraved it also. The matching cordial has the same ribbed exterior with engraving and a ribbed base with the same pattern!

The set is in perfect condition and measures

Unusual Sinclaire Jug and Cordial Set
Unusual Sinclaire Jug
  •   $ 800 

This ovoid vase was made by Hoare in an engraved Wild Rose design. It is signed very faintly on the base.

The quality of engraving on this vase is top notch with tons of detail – so many layers of rose petals are shown with great effort. It always amazing me on a piece like this the layer of depth and polish used to accomplish shading. Examine the leaves and petals closely. The form of the oval vase provides a perfect canvas for the talented engraver. The sides of the vase are done in curling, frosted engraved figures.

The vase is in excellent condition with just a tiny fleck to the rayed base. It measures 10″ high and 5″ wide.

Elegant Hoare Ovoid Wild Rose Vase
Elegant Hoare Ovoid
  •   $ 600 

This William C. Anderson designed pattern was cut by Libbey. It features many complex Anderson design elements that have been used to ID more formerly unknown patterns by him.

The center of the bowl features a large hobstar framed on all sides by notching. The outer portion of the pattern features a large, complexly cut field of triple miter trellis with clear button hobstars. Surrounding each diamond field are vesicas of clear-button hobstars and checked cutting.

The bowl is in great condition with a few tiny flakes throughout the cutting. It measures a full 9″ wide and 2″ tall. This is a great chance to own a piece by one of the premier designers of American Cut Glass for a bargain price.

Beautiful Libbey Azora Low Bowl
Beautiful Libbey Azora
  •   $ 225 

This carafe has been part of my personal collection for 15 years. It’s now time to give it a new home. I always appreciate how much work was put into the piece – especially with the neck cutting. It’s signed on the base with the Hawkes trefoil.

The Lorraine pattern consists of 2 brilliantly cut hobstars each descending in size towards the top. In between each diamond shaped hobstar are 3 large bands of notched prism, fanned out for a sweeping effect. The upper hobstars are cut with incredible precision and surrounded with crosshatching. The base of the decanter is very thick, heavy, and finished with a rayed star. The neck of the piece is extremely impressive – it’s alternating panels of flute and tiny hollow diamond must have taken a very skilled cutter to achieve.

Again, the carafe is very heavy and measures 8 1/2″ tall and 5 1/2″ wide. It’s in perfect condition, free of any defects. I’m offering it at the exact price I paid 15 years ago.

Intensely Cut Hawkes Lorraine Carafe
Intensely Cut Hawkes
  •   $ 450 
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