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The design is similar to their Cambria pattern, but much more detailed with tighter, more skilled cutting. It is signed with the Egginton crescent and star logo. It matches this charger I have offered.

The center of the bowl features a six point star formation. Branching from that are 6 bands of tight cane framed on both sides by beautiful, precise notching. Lying in between each branch is a large hobstar framed with crosshatching, perched atop a tight fan.

No damage can be found and the blank is exceptionally clear – as I would expect from Egginton on a piece of this caliber. It measures 9″ wide and 4″ tall. Plates of this size are automatic rarities, but one cut this well only adds to the draw and desirability.

Egginton Intersecting Cane Bowl
Egginton Intersecting
  •   $ 350 

This large vase is cut in a pattern I’ve never seen before. The quality is high – with a really nice blank and unusual use of Russian cutting.

The front of the vase features a 5 deep hobstars chained together with crosshatched fields. A band of notching is on either side of this chain. In between the notching on the other side is tight Russian cutting with clear buttons. The base is finished with a rayed star.

The vase is in perfect condition and a great, clear blank. It measures 14″ tall and 5 1/2″ tall

Nice Corset Vase with Russian Cutting
Nice Corset Vase with
  •   $ 350 

This unique pitcher is cut in an unknown, very unusual design. It’s very large and heavy and on a blank I’m not sure I’ve seen before.

Large sunburst are on either side of the pitcher, house a 20-point hobstar. They are surrounded by a deep circular miter which leads into more swirling miters and a horizontally placed band of cane. This cane is framed on either side by notching and the rest of the entire pitcher is notched and scalloped – with very deep, clear scallops on the face of the pitcher. The neck of the pitcher has a band of diamond fields of crosshatching and the base is covered with a 24-point hobstar.

The pitcher is in excellent condition with a couple of tiny fleabites to the cutting. It’s very large and heavy measuring 12″ tall and 6 1/2″ wide.

Extra Large Swirling Sunburst Pitcher
Extra Large Swirling
  •   $ 650 

This extremely unusual basket, which rolls over, was cut by J. Hoare in their Marquise pattern. The quality of this pattern varies from piece to piece, but this example is of the highest quality – with a shine and clarity unlike most.

The center of the basket features an unusual hobstar formation – surrounded on all sides by diamond-shaped fields of crosshatching. The crosshatching fields to a split-feather type of cutting which is then framed with an unusual crosscut band that you can find on some of Hoare’s more unusual designs. Layered above that are flat hobstars and hobnailed fields. The rim of the basket features deeper hobstars with crosshatching sitting atop a band of cane cutting. The amount of cutting and motifs on the bowl is staggering! The handle is perfectly annealed and triple notched.

The basket is in stunning, perfect condition. It measures 10″ long and 8″ wide.

Stellar J. Hoare Marquise Basket
Stellar J. Hoare
  •   $ 1,500 

These paperweights are true rarities in the world of cut glass smalls. The one on the left was made by Meriden and Wilcox silver – it is shown in the Meriden catalog. The one on the right is Gorham silver but unknown on the glass maker.

The Meriden paperweight is quite heavy and features notching around the perimeter with a 20-point hobstar on the base. The Gorham one is cut with a 22-point hobsstar – the silver is quite elaborate and monogramed.

The Meriden paperweight measures 3 1/2″ wide and 2 1/4″ tall. It is in good condition with a few fleabites in the notching that are difficult to find or see. The Gorham one is 3″ wide and 1 1/2″ tall. It has a small clambshell nick on the base which can be see in the photo. They are $175 each.

Whimisical Cut Glass Paperweights – Meriden and Gorham – SOLD
Whimisical Cut Glass
  •   $ 175 

This rare 1-1 pattern adapts itself so well to this hexagonal bowl – showing off Sinclaire’s best cutting and engraving. It’s signed in the center with the Sinclaire trademark.

A border of holly follows the edge of the piece. The central portion of this bowl, which almost folds inward, is covered in “snowflake” cutting – tiny, rich hobstars with clear panels floating in between them with a little unpolished, rayed star in the center. The overall effect is nothing short of stunning!

The bowl is in perfect condition on a clear blank. It measures 9″ from side to side, 10 1/2″ from corner to corner and 3 1/2″ tall.

Sinclaire Snowflake & Holly Hexagonal Bowl
Sinclaire Snowflake
  •   $ 1,500 

These gorgeous stems are cut in Libbey’s Old Harvard design. They are very heavy, deeply cut and wood wheel polished to satiny perfection.

One diamond-shaped field of strawberry diamond cutting sits adjacent to another field with cross hatching framed by deep miters. Fans sit between each diamond and a deep pyramidal fanned star sit beneath those. The stem of the piece has a tear drop, that is fluted and has a lapidary knob while the base has a rayed star.

The colors are a gorgeous deep cranberry and emerald green. I have 2 of the green and 1 of the cranberry.  They measure 5″ tall and 3″ wide. Price is for each.

Libbey Harvard Cut to Clear Stemware – Merry Christmas! – SOLD
Libbey Harvard Cut to
  •   $ 500 

This bell shaped carafe was cut in Dorflinger’s Brilliant pattern. Most notable is how they seamlessly continued the pattern all the way across the base – an obvious sign of quality and extra care.

Hobstar and crosshatched filled vesicase adorn the side of the carafe and are surrounded by feather-style cutting. Larger fans divide each vesica. The pattern continues on to the base where there are alternating fields of hobstars and hobnails. The very center of the base features a deeply cut, 18-point hobstar.

The carafe is in perfect condition and measures 8 1/4″ tall and 5″ wide.

Highly Detailed Dorflinger Brilliant Carafe
Highly Detailed
  •   $ 325 

This is a high quality pitcher in a pattern I’ve never seen. The variety of motifs and clarity of the glass suggest a top quality glass house.

A four sided field features large hobstars framed by fan cutting. Below each hobstars are two bands – one of cane and one of some modified cane cutting with fanned centers. These bands converge at a flat hobstar with step cutting above and below it. There is also an expanded Persian-style cutting. The handle is triple notched and the base is finished with a large, deep hobstar.

The pitcher is in perfect condition and measures and is in perfect condition.

Very Well Done Pitcher with a Variety of Motifs
Very Well Done Pitcher
  •   $ 500 

This is an exceptionally rare form – one that I don’t think I’ve seen before. I think this piece might be by the craftsmen at J. Hoare as it has elements from some of their other designs and is conceivable they would cut something on this shape.

Bands of notching drape themselves down the sides of this piece, starting from the top teeth. Triangular fields of cane separate the notching and connect with 8-pointed stars with crosshatching between the points. The handles are miraculously attached and triple notched and the 3 feet are cut with rays down to the bottom. The base of the bucket is cut with an unusual quintuple notched triangle crosscut.

The ice bucket is in perfect condition and measures 8″ tall and 7″ wide. It’s the rarest and most unusual form of an ice bucket I’ve ever seen.

Rare Hoare? 3 Footed, Handled Ice Bucket
Rare Hoare? 3 Footed,
  •   $ 1,500 

I have never seen this form or design before. It looks like it could have been made by J. Hoare, if anyone.

Flat hobstar clusters adorn the front of the piece which are divided by fans of varying depth. The sides of the vase feature an oblong vesica of clear-button cane flanked on either side by notching leading to lower flat hobstars. Framing this motif are chains of fanned stars meeting at the top of the vase in giant crosshatched fields. The base of this piece is finished with a scalloped, 32-point hobstar.

The vase is in perfect condition and measures an impressively large 12 1/2″ tall and and 7″ wide. This unusual piece is unlike any I’ve ever seen.

Extremely Unusual Urn Style Vase
Extremely Unusual Urn
  •   $ 700 

This ice bucket is cut in an unknown design but on a well known Libbey blank.

Deep hobstars are arranged in diamond shaped fields on the center of this design. They are framed on either side by crosshatching, deep, clear miters, fan and diamond-shaped hobnail fields. The handles are triple notched while the base is scalloped and finished with a 20-point hobstar.

The condition of this ice bucket is perfect – often times the handles have fractures in them, but this is a pristine, clean example. It measures 10″ handle to handle and 5″ tall.

Unusual Libbey-style Footed Ice Bucket
Unusual Libbey-style
  •   $ 350 
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