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Extremely Rare and Incredible Libbey Celeste Bowl – SOLD

It is seldom that a piece of cut glass absolutely blows me away, but this piece is one of the exceptions. It is cut in Libbey’s Celeste pattern and signed on the edge. I’ve only ever seen this pattern twice before. Celeste is essentailly a combination of all the best Libbey patterns. Little bits of Aztec, Kensington, Marcella and Grand Prize shine through. A gorgeous thing to be certain designed by the master – William C. Anderson.

Where to start with this piece? How about the triple miter cane? That motif is some of the most incredible cutting I’ve seen – with tons of depth and relief to each hobnail – how one never got knocked off, I’ll never know (especially considering there are nearly 120 points to the motif). Each of the fields of triple-miter cane is surrounded by tiny, flat hobstars that meet two clear button hobstars and a larger Christmas hobstar. In between each of these intenesly cut areas is a very deep hobstar with both the top and bottom points filled in with crosshatching – anywhere the cutter had an opportunity to add something on this piece, they did. The center of the bowl features a maltese-cross of diamond point hexad, which was one of the most difficult cuts of the Brilliant Period. They converge at a flat hobstar and have intense checking in between each bar.

The bowl is in excellent condition with only one tiny, small flake to the edge of a tooth. The bowl measures 8 1/4″ wide and 3 1/2″ tall. The blank is of the highest quality – both extremely clear and vibrant. I can’t stress enough how much quality and detail is packed into this piece. Not only is it a true rarity, but the quality pushes this piece into the highest level of cut glass.

Company: Libbey

Shape: Deep Bowl

Pattern: Celeste

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