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Sublime Bergen Cornucopia/Plymouth Vase – SOLD

This vase is cut in J.D. Bergen’s very rare and highly sought-after Plymouth (Cornucopia) pattern. This is absolutely the finest example of this pattern I’ve ever seen where both form and cutting meld in complete harmony. I love the fact that the swirled, banded cornucopia-like cutting is repeated in the center of the vase keeping a theme of continuity throughout.

The Plymouth pattern consists of a beautifully cut hobstar. Underneath and climbing up the sides of each hobstar is fine crosshatching which creeps into every crevice of that star. Dividing each hobstar is a swirled cornucopia divides each hobstar. Starting at one common point, deep miters swirl upwards and meet a band from which they are richly contained. What’s really impressive is that the peak of each miter has an additional miter sitting on top of it-the skill it took to cut that throughout the entire pattern strikes me as near impossible, yet they did it with such precision. In the center of the vase, their is another crosshatched band which holds even more of this swirled miter cutting. Equally impressive as the pattern is a swirled, clear tusk column to finish of the body of the vase. Clear tusks were one of hte hardest motifs to cut, so I can’t even imagine how they swirled this one so accurately to almost look like liquid glass. I’ve taken what I consider to be an incredible photo looking down into the vase which captures all of the sychornized movement through all the different motifs. The swirl is outrageous and makes anyone think, “How did they do that?” orĀ  “How did they think to do that?” An incredible touch to an already magnificent vase. The base, not to be outshown by the rest of the piece, is finished with a large 24-point hobstar.

This vase measures 9 5/8″ tall and 4 1/2″ across the base. is in perfect condition with the exception of a couple of scratches in the interior of the vase. The quality of this vase should be obvious to anyone looking upon it – from the most advanced of collectors to someone who has never seen a piece before. I have never seen such a wonderful marriage of form and pattern and the extra effort the put in every nook and cranny shows what Bergen though of this piece. Clearly a piece that leaves an impression.

Ref: 1077 - Price: $ --

Company: Bergen

Shape: Vase

Pattern: Cornucopia

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