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These extremely unusual stems were cut in a variation of the Persian design in amber cut to clear. These may have been cut by L. Straus as this stem type was done by them along with some cut to clear stemware along with this type of hobstar base. While there appears to be some blue/green in the photo, it’s only a reflection – these are a yellowish/gold/amber.

The Persian design extends on the lower bout of the bowl of the flut. A lapidary knob sits below that along with a flutted and notched, air-trap stem. The bases are covered in a clear center hobstar.

The stems are in perfect condition and measure 6 3/4″ tall and 2 3/4″ wide.  Price is $800 for the pair or $425 each.

Exceptional Amber Cut to Clear Champagne Flutes Straus?
Exceptional Amber Cut
  •   $ 850 

I have 1 of these very well done cranberry cut to clear wine glasses in the Russian pattern left. Russian was cut by many different companies prior to the patent process, but these were likely cut by Dorflinger, Hawkes, or J. Hoare.

The Russian pattern expands across the bowl of this stem – with so many miters the contrast between clear and the cranberry casing is stunning. The stem of the wine is fluted and notched and the base is finished with a 26-point rayed star.

The stems are in perfect condition and measure just over 4 1/2″ tall and and just over 2 1/2″ wide. Price is per stem.

Russian Cranberry Cut to Clear Wine Glasses
Russian Cranberry Cut
  •   $ 400 

These gorgeous stems were cut by Hawkes in clear flutes. They feature a thick layer of clear glass on the exterior and another layer of solid emerald green glass on the interior of the bowl. All the stems are signed Hawkes – interestingly, each one is a slightly different shade of green.

Deep scalloped flutes run all along this piece – from the bowl down to the base. The base features a rayed star. The thickness of the glass really provides an unusual effect, since most cased glass, you can’t distinctly see the layers like these pieces.

The aperitifs are in perfect condition and measure 7″ tall and 2 3/4″ wide. There are 5, price is per stem.

Hawkes Cased Green Fluted Aperitif Stems
Hawkes Cased Green
  •   $ 200 

These gorgeous stems are cut in Libbey’s Old Harvard design. They are very heavy, deeply cut and wood wheel polished to satiny perfection.

One diamond-shaped field of strawberry diamond cutting sits adjacent to another field with cross hatching framed by deep miters. Fans sit between each diamond and a deep pyramidal fanned star sit beneath those. The stem of the piece has a tear drop, that is fluted and has a lapidary knob while the base has a rayed star.

The colors are a gorgeous deep cranberry and emerald green. I have 2 of the green and 1 of the cranberry.  They measure 5″ tall and 3″ wide. Price is for each.

Libbey Harvard Cut to Clear Stemware – Merry Christmas! – SOLD
Libbey Harvard Cut to
  •   $ 500 

These wines, cut in Strawberry Diamond and fan are exceptional. Each stem is cased in deep cranberry glass and cut back to the clear portion. While most stems like this have clear bottoms, the glass maker went the extra mile and used color to clear bases as well! While many companies cut this design, it’s likely these were done by an earlier company like Dorflinger, Hawkes or even Boston & Sandwich. It’s difficult to accurately capture colored glass by camera, but these stems are the deep cranberry typically associated with American cut glass.

The Strawberry Diamond pattern consists of a crosscutting of deeper and shallower miters. The deeper ones frame a section of four diamonds. These diamonds shimmer and really pop with the cut-to-clear effect. The stems are fluted and the bases rayed.

It’s estimated that only 1-5% of American Brilliant Cut Glass was done in color. I can also estimate that stems with colored bottoms probably make up 5% of the colored stem market. So these stems are a true rarity. The deep cranberry color is stunning and will make your cabinets pop. I have 8 of these stems and will offer quantity discounts. Price is per stem.

Rare Cranberry Cut to Clear Wines with Colored Base
Rare Cranberry Cut to
  •   $ 250 

These gorgeous stems are cut in a deep cranberry cut to clear color. The pattern cut be that of a few companies, but Dorflinger and Boston & Sandwich seem likely.

Hobnail cutting adorns the lower portion of each bowl of the stem. Then there is a band of tiny, clear punties closer to the rim. The stems are fluted and the bases feature a 24-point rayed star.

Both stems are in excellent condition and measure 4 3/4″ tall and just under 2 1/2″ wide. The deep cranberry color and cutting both suggest these are an American product – establishing it’s rarity and value instantaneously.

Pair of Cranberry Cut to Clear Wine Stems
Pair of Cranberry Cut
  •   $ 675 

This extremely rare vase was made by the craftsmen of the Dorflinger Glass company. This piece in particular will forever be solidified as one of the most important piece of American color cut glass – it is the sole piece prominentally on the cover of Feller’s Dorflinger: America’s Finest Glass, 1852-1921. Known American pieces of color are extremely difficult to find and this exhibits an extremely high level of skill in the achievement of what could be done in color. The vibrant shade of green used on this example on further carries the idea of the beautiful leaves engraved throughout this piece.

The top portion of the vase is completely cut with rock crystal work. The engraving displays realistic falling leaves and branches. The amount of relief in the color-to-clear work is astonishing. They left and removed perfect amounts of the colored layer of glass to provide meticulous detail. The lower portion of the vase is cut with hobnail, providing a wonderfully decorative geometric band to contrast the realistic work that covers the top 3/4 of the vase. Ovoid punties rest in the upper portion of the hobnail cutting. The base is finished with a rayed star.

The vase is in perfect condition with the exception of one tiny area in the hobnail The color portion of one, and only one, of the hobnails has been lightly chipped away. This does not detract from the overall effect of the vase and again, is extremely small. The vase measures 12 1/4″ tall and 5 3/4″ wide.

Museum Worthy Dorflinger Green to Clear Vase – SOLD
Museum Worthy
  •   $  

In a time when more and more colored pieces are being proven to be foreign, it’s nice to find one that you can feel almost certain is American. This bowl is in a pattern very similar to Bergen’s Bedford pattern.

The bowl features an 18-point hobstar engulfed in a hexagon of green. Surrounding this central hobstar are 6 hobstars divided by two panels of vertical notched prism. The edge of the bowl is finished with a very unusual inverted fan motif.

The green on this bowl is very vibrant and not weak like many of the other green pieces I’ve come across. It is in perfect conditon with no chips of flakes. The bowl measures 8” in diameter and 4” tall and has a wonderful wood wheel polish. Again, colored pieces are the most popular and valuable item in cut glass – very few American pieces exist!

Rare Green Cut to Clear Bowl – Bergen?
Rare Green Cut to Clear
  •   $ 2,150 
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