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This incredible punch set was cut by Maple City Cut Glass at the turn of the century. Temple was their best design and this piece shows extremely quality throughout.

The punch bowl is ‘cut-to-pieces’ on every inch, featuring a rich hobstar pattern with deep miters that nearly pierce through the bowl. The edge is treated with a paired tooth motif that can be seen in other Maple City designs. Even rarer is to find this set with matching cups AND a ladle.

This top quality piece measures 14″ wide and 14″ tall. It’s in perfect condition and on the finest, clear blanks.

Fantastic Temple by Maple City Cut Glass Punch Set
Fantastic Temple by
  •   $ 4,500 

Good news: We are having another auction on Liveauctioneers on Saturday, October 16th at 9AM EST time. This auction will feature 165 carefully picked pieces of top-quality glass. Color, silver, large and small pieces – there’s something there for everyone and a few pieces are being offered from my personal collection. Please click the link on this page to be directed to the auction and register and either leave absentee bids, or participate live on the 16th. Good luck bidding!

Link to the auction here!

New CriticalGlass Auction! October 16th 9AM EST
New CriticalGlass
  •   $ 1,000 

Criticalglass is having its first live auction. Many of the items on this site will be featured there including many more including some rarities from my own collection! In order to see the auction, please click HERE and register. Then leave either an absentee bid or bid in person on June 19th, 2021.

We apologize, but any items for sale on these pages that are featured in the auction will be held for the auction. Thanks for your understanding and there’s still over 600 items here not in the auction.

Again, visit the auction listing by clicking HERE.

We’re having an auction – and you should participate!
We’re having an
  •   $  

There are bowls and then there are BOWLS! This bowl was cut by the masterS at American Cut Glass company which was founded by William C. Anderson. He served as their top designer and is widely regarded as one of the most unique artists of the period. I have only ever had one other piece in this design and it’s not only rare, but also top tier in quality.

Pretty much every variety of cutting imaginable adorns this bowl, but somehow it doesn’t come off as overly busy. It’s well laid out and aesthetically please and is one of my favorite designs. The center of the bowl features triple-miter trellis with clear buttoned hobstars. Moving outward from that is the tiniest, most accurately cut Russian forming a circle in the center of the piece. On the outer portion of the bowl, there is a crossed formation of jeweled-center hobstars and triple-miter cane. The cane moves along to frame the upper portion of a large, wedding-cake hobstar. This hobstar is framed on all side by diamond-point hexad, which was one of the toughest and most seldom-seen motifs of the period. The bowl is truly a masterpiece.

It’s in perfect condition and measures 8″ wide and 3 1/2″ tall. It’s on a stunning blank and is polished to perfection.

Extremely Rare William C. Anderson Windy City Bowl – ON HOLD
Extremely Rare William
  •   $  

This bowl is cut in a high quality design I’ve never seen before. What’s particularly unusual is that the clear tusk looking areas are actually scalloped concavely on the exterior of the bowl The design bears a striking resemblance in setup to Libbey’s Circle and Arcs.

Four diamond shaped fields of hobnail converge in the center of this bowl. Pearched ove each one is a large hobstar, finished on its 3 remaining sides with crosshatching. Then the pattern is divided up by scalloped portions of clear glass in vesica formation. This motif frames the entire design. The edge has an unusual fan of strawberry-diamond cutting, which is often used on very high quality patterns.

The bowl is very heavy and thick and measures 9 1/2″ wide and 4″ tall. It has some tiny flecks in the design but is in nearly perfect condition.

Very Unusual Scalloped Tusks Bowl – ON HOLD
Very Unusual Scalloped
  •   $ 400 

This great design was cut by the craftsman at Phoenix cut glass and was named Jewel. It features an unusual triple-miter trellis motif which displays excellently on this layout.

Deep triple miters run directly into the center of the bowl and provide the layout and relief of the rest of the pattern. Giant, clear-button hobstars stand on knobs of glass created by the triple miters. The center of the bowl has a parallel line cutting arranged in diamonds which the bowl rests upon.

The bowl measures 9″ wide and 4″ tall. It’s in excellent condition with just a few scattered flecks throughout the pattern.

Phoenix Jewel Cut Glass Bowl
Phoenix Jewel Cut Glass
  •   $ 275 

These are some of the best stems from the Brilliant Period. While I’ve seen them a few times, the maker remains unknown. They are shown in only retail catalogs, like Marshall Fields, so we still don’t know who cut them – but these are some of the finest examples of the era.

A large deep hobstar sits above a curved band of cane along the bowl of the stem. It is framed on the upper portion with notched cutting which leads into a vesica of two flat hobstars with crosshatched dividers. The stem includes a fluted lower portion and lapidary knob framing a large, hollow teardrop. The base of these goblets are incredible – with a 6-sided hobstar formation with caned-points and fine crosshatching cut all the way up to the scalloped edge. The base alone is indicative of the quality of this set.

The goblets are in perfect condition and measure 6 1/2″ tall and 3 1/4″ wide. I have 12 and they are priced at $375 each.

Incredible Marshall Fields Goblets with Fully Cut Foot
Incredible Marshall
  •   $ 375 

This tray or bowl was cut and signed by Sinclaire in their 99 design – as shown in the Sinclaire books.

Sinclaire is well known for their octagonal shaped pieces and this is of the quality that we’ve come to expect of them. A chain of flat hobstars goes around the rim of this . piece and are seperated by triple miter cutting. Beneath that are elongated scallops – showing off the very clear blank – while the base is covered with a 24-point hobstar.

The piece is in perfect condition and measures 9 3/4″ wide and 2″ tall.


Awesome Sinclaire Octagonal 99 Tray/Bowl
Awesome Sinclaire
  •   $ 400 

The design is similar to their Cambria pattern, but much more detailed with tighter, more skilled cutting. It is signed with the Egginton crescent and star logo. It matches this charger I have offered.

The center of the bowl features a six point star formation. Branching from that are 6 bands of tight cane framed on both sides by beautiful, precise notching. Lying in between each branch is a large hobstar framed with crosshatching, perched atop a tight fan.

No damage can be found and the blank is exceptionally clear – as I would expect from Egginton on a piece of this caliber. It measures 9″ wide and 4″ tall. Plates of this size are automatic rarities, but one cut this well only adds to the draw and desirability.

Egginton Intersecting Cane Bowl
Egginton Intersecting
  •   $ 350 

This rare 1-1 pattern adapts itself so well to this hexagonal bowl – showing off Sinclaire’s best cutting and engraving. It’s signed in the center with the Sinclaire trademark.

A border of holly follows the edge of the piece. The central portion of this bowl, which almost folds inward, is covered in “snowflake” cutting – tiny, rich hobstars with clear panels floating in between them with a little unpolished, rayed star in the center. The overall effect is nothing short of stunning!

The bowl is in perfect condition on a clear blank. It measures 9″ from side to side, 10 1/2″ from corner to corner and 3 1/2″ tall.

Sinclaire Snowflake & Holly Hexagonal Bowl
Sinclaire Snowflake
  •   $ 1,500 

This is an exceptionally rare form – one that I don’t think I’ve seen before. I think this piece might be by the craftsmen at J. Hoare as it has elements from some of their other designs and is conceivable they would cut something on this shape.

Bands of notching drape themselves down the sides of this piece, starting from the top teeth. Triangular fields of cane separate the notching and connect with 8-pointed stars with crosshatching between the points. The handles are miraculously attached and triple notched and the 3 feet are cut with rays down to the bottom. The base of the bucket is cut with an unusual quintuple notched triangle crosscut.

The ice bucket is in perfect condition and measures 8″ tall and 7″ wide. It’s the rarest and most unusual form of an ice bucket I’ve ever seen.

Rare Hoare? 3 Footed, Handled Ice Bucket
Rare Hoare? 3 Footed,
  •   $ 1,500 

This ice bucket is cut in an unknown design but on a well known Libbey blank.

Deep hobstars are arranged in diamond shaped fields on the center of this design. They are framed on either side by crosshatching, deep, clear miters, fan and diamond-shaped hobnail fields. The handles are triple notched while the base is scalloped and finished with a 20-point hobstar.

The condition of this ice bucket is perfect – often times the handles have fractures in them, but this is a pristine, clean example. It measures 10″ handle to handle and 5″ tall.

Unusual Libbey-style Footed Ice Bucket
Unusual Libbey-style
  •   $ 350 
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